A chemical attack in Idlib | Colonel Cassad

In Syria, another “unlimited” account history with the use of the chemical.weapons.
The bombing of Idlib, killing 30+ people and several hundred have suffered from actions of the toxic substance with similar properties to Sarin, who has repeatedly used in Syria, in particular, not so long ago, the Caliphate was poisoning them Kurds, and in the liberated Aleppo have been found the lab where the toxic substances were produced.

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Orthodox Logos | Alexander Dugin

The idea about the predestination of time involves an alienated understanding of time, as the Stoics or, as in Calvinism. This is obviously not Orthodox, because an Orthodox person time is not an object. No man lives in time, and we’re on our own there is a modus of time. The relation of time to eternity does not mean that there is one future. Any time of eternity contains an infinite number of future, otherwise eternity would be simple and stupid, not forever, and its simulacrum. A real eternity is alive. The life of the next century is not what will happen “the day after tomorrow”. The life of the next century is a special ontology and cosmology, which we understand in the light of the resurrection is not just a reproduction of the same body, resurrection is a new in all respects time is permeated with eternity.

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War is our mother | Alexander Dugin

The war is no more immoral than all other aspects of earthly existence. She just strips, multiplies, exposes the fact that in other areas is hidden, veiled, powdered. The mortality of man as one of the fundamental characteristics of its structure comes to the fore here. In a peaceful, civil society, the death shaded on the periphery, exhibited somewhat distant and uninvolved. In war, the death manifests itself as naked and intimate as a reality of direct experience. The finiteness of human beings there is found a fully.Therefore, a direct existential experience of the war becomes a philosophical fact. Everyone can be killed, but everyone can become a cause of death of another creature. Death as the most significant and profound moment of human destiny is full of opens as bilateral mechanism — as subject and object. Death personified, is people, subjects them to his particular logic, its own unique mood.

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Islam against Islam | Alexander Dugin

The Islamic world is far from homogeneous. There are a few geopolitical units, each of which relies on distinct historical, religious, cultural and civilizational trends, conducting independent strategic line both globally and locally. In addition to fundamentalism in Islam, there are many other versions and trends. But more importantly for the concept of “Islamic fundamentalism” is somewhat not just different, but contradictory trends. Not realizing this, we will not be able to adequately understand or sense what is happening today crisis events in Chechnya and Dagestan (also in the North Caucasus and the looming disaster in other areas with the Muslim population on the territory of the Russian Federation), or what is happening in the Islamic world as a whole.

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The Russian-Iranian partnership: towards a multipolar world | Alexander Dugin

So today we can talk about the geopolitics of the Russian-Shia Alliance. Of course, Russia makes this choice not so much in ideological, religious as in the pragmatic sphere, but nevertheless, the fact of the Russian-Shia Alliance is obvious. I suggest to pay attention to it. And not coincidentally, the same forces that confront our two countries – Russia and Iran – in Syria, fighting us in other parts of the globe. And even in the North Caucasus, on our own territory. And in Bahrain, in Yemen – we are today on all fronts together. This is no accident. Russian-Shia Alliance – the imperative of modern Russian (and Iranian) politics.

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Hegemony and the attack in St. Petersburg: the role of the sixth column | Alexander Dugin

The sixth column does not go to the square and blows himself up in the car of the St. Petersburg metro. But it – as part of the global liberal globalist network carries the principal responsibility. Because it creates the preconditions for this, the starting conditions. Russia stubbornly resists the stranglehold of globalization. And we suffer and pay with the lives of our people, our loved ones in St. Petersburg or in the Donbass for it. And it is increasingly clear that the choice of camp is not just positioning. There is something deeply religious, as the renunciation of Satan or the service.

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