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The esoteric Druze sect sprang out of Shia Islam about a thousand years ago. Some scholars say they absorbed ideas from Sufism, Greek philosophy and from Gnosticism. Ideas like the ‘Word/ logos’ and the ‘Nous/ universal mind’ are familiar in their teaching, hence being disowned by many Muslims.

And like the ruling Alahwi sect in Syria, many Druze also believe in re-incarnation (human being to human being only)- which is certainly not your run-of-the-mill Islam.

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Israeli Druze accuse IDF of backing al-Qaeda in Syria

“Al-Nusra Front is attacking the Druze town of Hader under the cover and protection of Defense Minister Liberman. We shall not rest until… Liberman ceases his support for al-Nusra against the Druze,” Hasson wrote on Facebook.

Hasson said the militant group began the “merciless” and “indiscriminate” shelling of Hader, killing dozens of people.

According to the MK, Israel recently targeted army positions belonging to the Syrian regime in order to boost the chances of the jihadist group.

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