The West supplied chemical weapons to terrorists in Syria | Colonel Cassad



In the cache of weapons left by the rebels during the retreat, were found toxic substances, delivered to Syria from the US and the UK. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Faisal Milad, reports “Interfax”.
According to him, was discovered hand grenades and rounds to a grenade launcher, charged irritating poisonous substances CS (tear gas) and CN (Chloracetophenone).
“Chemical munitions discovered …was manufactured by Federal Laboratories in the U.S…. And toxic funds made by Cherming defense UK (UK) and NonLethal Technologies (USA),” explained Milad. He said that ammunition was found at the depots of militants in Aleppo and in the liberated areas of the Eastern suburbs of Damascus.

The diplomat also reminded that the use of chemical agents as means of warfare prohibited by article 5 of the Convention on chemical weapons.
“Thus, it is possible to assert with confidence that the US and UK and their allies in the region, violating the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, support for terrorist organizations operating in Syria. They supply the militants not only conventional weapons, but banned toxic assets,” said Milad. – zinc

PS. Of course, to make testenate suppliers will not work, as they will deny everything and point out that the weapons were delivered to Syria through third countries – Iraq, Turkey, Jordan. But it is worth remembering that according to the investigation of Kitagawa certain types of banned weapons was shipped to the middle East via Azerbaijan and Pakistan, where we say “white phosphorus”, which the militants used in Syria, formally intended for Afghan security forces. Found weapons obviously came to Syria in the framework of such gray schemes with high probability the seller knew where it’s going, and export it from the United States or Europe, knew which channels it will reach the final recipients.With high probability we can assume the participation of Saudi Arabia, which had close ties with groups which controlled Aleppo. Officially she of course will deny everything, as well, and US who are trying to pretend that time officially supplying weapons to the terrorists stopped, then they are not still going on about what it used to be, it is necessary to forget.

And that’s not even to mention the options of creating makeshift weapons of mass destruction to carry out provocations necessary for denigrating the Assad regime in the case if you can’t deliver in the region of provocation, a serial ISR, which can be issued for a Syrian.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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