Turkey deploys military bases in Northern Syria | Colonel Cassad

The base will obviously serve different purposes.

1. The control of the FSA militants and affiliated groups in order to avoid destruction of the balance that gave the opportunity to Turkey to return to the big game.

2. Conduct a local anti-Kurdish operations against Rojava (similar objects are likely to be deployed in the Western part of the Turks controlled the territory for operations against Afrin).

3. The intensification of intelligence-technical intelligence in Northern Syria.

4. The basing of units of the regular army, who represent the military presence in the region (modeled on the Turkish military base in Iraq).

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Euphrates shield – Day 6 | Colonel Cassad

On the 6th day of operation “shield of the Euphrates” the Turks decided on the next task – having cleared the surrounding area of Jarablus from the “black” and the Kurds from the bank of the Euphrates to the North of Manbij, while South of Amarinah, forward detachments of “Fallah al-sham” crossed the river and entrenched on the South Bank, creating a springboard for further advance to the South, with the aim of cutting the road running in Manbij. It should be noted that the resistance from both the Caliphate and the Kurds is rather a weak character that facilitates the rapid development of the Turkish operation.The Kurds of the YPG claim that Turkey is making use of sporadic clashes, in order that under the pretext of “combating terrorism” to put forward their mechanized formations as far to the South.

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The Turkish Invasion Of Syria As Path To “Regime Change” | Mark Sleboda

Turkey is moving into Syria not just with its own military, but with thousands of “rebel opposition groups” including US-backed FSA brigades allied with AlQaeda/Nusra/Sham and the child head-chopping al-Zinki who are reported to form the vanguard. Syrian territory is outright being turned over to them by the Turkish military, simply exchanging control from one group of terrorist jihadis (ISIS) to others who are more media acceptable and more direct proxies of the Erdogan regime, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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Joint Statement of Kurdish & Allied Parties in Syria on Turkish Invasion

We, the strong believers of democracy who are keen on protecting the security and integrity of the Syrian territory, strongly condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory. We urge the international community to pressure the Turkish regime to stop its interference in the internal affairs of Syria, calling for the immediate withdrawal of its troops from Syria. We also call upon national democratic forces to take the initiative to prevent chauvinist forces from breaking our strong national unity.

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American YPG fighter: US stabs Kurds in the back | ARA News

A former US volunteer who fought with the Kurds against ISIS and was waiting for the Jarabulus operation, called the Turkish operation a slap in the face of Kurds, and a betrayal by the US that backed the Turkish operation.

“It’s a slap in the face to the Kurds. Not only them but also foreign volunteers,” Erwin Stran told ARA News. “We lost two Americans in the Manbij operation as well as others. Not to mention the Kurdish body count. Now the Kurdish push has been halted. At least it seems for now,” he added.

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The explosion in Cizre | Colonel Cassad

Night the Turks continued to bombard the position of the Kurds South of Jarablus, also took place and clashes are “green” with the Kurds in the district of Jibreen. While the Kurds occupy an ambivalent position, slowly to keep engaged with us through the territory. I believe that if they will persist in this matter, it will put US in a very awkward situation and will lead to further involvement of Turkey in the war in Northern Syria, especially because Turkey has an iron about the “fight against terrorism”.

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Euphrates Shield – Day 2 | Colonel Cassad

Overall, we see that under the pretext of the fight against the Caliphate, Turkey strongly suppresses the attempts of Kurds to establish their own state in Syria. The U.S., in an attempt to prevent too much Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia and Iran, obviously went to her concessions, sacrificing the interests of the Syrian Kurds for the sake of normalization of relations with Erdogan.

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Turkey’s foray into Syria to take on Isis is a gamble in a very dangerous game | Patrick Cockburn

Will Turkey’s military incursion, which began at 4am this morning, fare any better than its past initiatives in Syria? Its tanks, special forces amd artillery are backing at least 500 Syrian rebels in an attack on the Isis-held town of Jarabulus just west of the Euphrates River. The Turkish media speaks of the operation, known as “Euphrates Shield”, as aiming to create a 55-by-25 mile “safe zone” for refugees just south of the Syrian-Turkish border. But Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numun Kurtulmus says that what we are seeing is “a short and results based operation”. Opposition forces said this evening that they were in control of the town, as US military officials said that American planes were conducting air strikes against Isis targets.

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Kurds Lose Out As Neo-Ottoman Turks Steal Syria’s Jarablus | M of A

The claimed aim of the Turkish move is to close the Turkish border to ISIS. That claim is obviously nonsense. The border can be closed on the Turkish side. To move the crossing point a few kilometers south does not change anything. The second, more plausible claimed aim, is to prevent the movement of the Kurdish YPG forces, under the U.S. assigned label SDF, towards west-Syria. Such a move would create a Kurdish statelet all along the Turkish border and endanger Turkey itself while it is fighting a Kurdish insurgency on its own ground.

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Operation Euphrates Shield to continue until YPG retreats, PM Yıldırım says | Daily Sabah

The operation led by Turkey to liberate Syria’s Jarablus from Daesh terrorists will continue until elements of the PKK’s Syrian affiliate YPG retreats to the east bank of Euphrates, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a live interview on Habertürk TV shortly after meeting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Yıldırım said that it is necessary to cleanse Jarablus of terrorist PKK-affiliated groups including the PYD and YPG.

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Jarablus fell | Colonel Cassad

Overall, the strategic situation is that the main interest here soon will be the war with the Caliphate, and the Kurdish-Turkish war in Northern Syria. It is worth remembering that Turkey considers the Kurds of the PYD and YPG as terrorists, as Caliphate, and therefore formally have her hands untied as the attacks on the Kurds can go under the slogan “fight against terrorism”.

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Turkey sent troops to Syria | Colonel Cassad

At 4 a.m. saw the launch of the barrage, where in addition to conventional artillery was used and MLRS, which lasted until 5-30 to 6 am. During the artillery barrage across the border have moved the Turkish special forces (of the order of 200-250 people, “Red berets”) and the forces of the Pro-Turkish militants (at 8 a.m. went up to 1500 people), and towards the morning across the border started to go Turkish armored vehicles (tanks and armored vehicles). F-16 Turkish air force launched air strikes on “black” on the outskirts of the city from 6 am to 6-30 am (this is the first public appearance of the Turkish aircraft in the Syrian airspace after shooting down a Russian bomber su-24 last fall). By the morning of August 24, open the deployment of Turkish troops in Northern Syria has become a fact.

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The race for Jarablus | Colonel Cassad

In fact, we are now witnessing a growing race between Turkey (green) and the US (the Kurds) for control of Northern Syria. From the results of this race will depend a lot.

The front North of Aleppo. Noteworthy, is the long “green” gut along the border, reflecting the degree of Turkey’s participation in the recent success of “green”. The farther from the border, the more difficult “green” to fight with “black”.

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