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A moment of humor from Iraq.

Militants from the boiler to the West of Mosul announced that they have separated from the Islamic State and announced the creation of an independent state with its capital in Tal Afar. Unrecognized terrorist state separated from an unrecognized terrorist state. Just remembered the end of the Third Reich and the attempt at the very end of its history on the ruins of the collapsed Empire to establish a government led by Admiral Karl Dönitz in the capital city of Flensburg.

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Over the past month, the territory of the boiler is decreased in size. Now this they propose to call “government”.

The reasons for its occurrence is quite prosaic – the death of Baghdadi and the end of organized defense of Mosul, essentially giving up on the project of building a Caliphate in Iraq. Now, rats, shackled by belief in “the black Caliph” and mortal fear of his ruthless followers, felt the “air of freedom” and ran from the sinking ship, in the hope that they will have time to negotiate and save at least a local government, or at least to exchange this artificial “state” in their lives.Because in addition to fanatics, in the ranks of the Caliphate was and pragmatists, who in the Wake of the triumphant expansion sincerely believed that the Caliphate will play, giving them power and influence for years to come. But the war shifted the focus and now the life of such “pragmatists” under threat, because in the words of our great contemporary “they painted themselves in the colors that painted themselves.”

From a military point of view, the elimination of tal-Afar of the boiler is a matter of time – as soon as will be completed the cleanup and filtering of Western Mosul, a significant contingent of Iraqi troops and police will be thrown on the rebound tal Avarskoy groups of the Caliphate. In doing so, they are likely to help Iran in Mosul has arrived more than 500 Iranian “proxy”, as well as officers of the IRGC. Iran is such a “state” in the area of construction “Shia bridge” quite unnecessarily.But this factor creates the ground for various speculations, where fighters can offer themselves as a tool against the Iraqi Kurds and Shiite influence. I believe that the fate of the “tal-Afar state” will also be short-lived.

PS. Title photo Karl Doenitz in Flensburg. May 9, 1945.

The territory of the Third Reich, which formally claimed “the government” Doenitz after 9 may 1945, while under pressure from the Soviet Union, the British did not stop this farce, with the arrest of Doenitz and his gang may 23, 1945.

The composition and fate “Flensburg government”:

the Reich President and Minister of war Karl Doenitz — the Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced to 10 years imprisonment;

The Prime Minister, foreign Minister and Finance Minister Ludwig Schwerin von Krosigk — in 1949 on the so-called “trial of the ministries” was sentenced to 10 years in prison;

the Minister of internal Affairs and the Minister of science, education and national education William Stuckart — in 1949, the “wilhelmstraße case” sentenced to 3 years 10 months and 20 days in prison;

the Minister of economy and Minister of military industry, albert Speer — sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal and sentenced to 20 years in prison;
The Minister of food and agriculture Herbert Bakke — awaiting trial in 1947, committed suicide in Nuremberg prison;

the Minister of popular enlightenment and propaganda Werner Naumann fled to Argentina, then returned to Germany in 1953 was arrested, but acquitted by the West German court on all charges;

the Minister of justice Otto Tirak in November 1946, while in the camp for internally displaced persons and awaiting trial, he committed suicide;
the Minister of labour and social protection Mr. Franz Seldte — 1 April 1947 died in an American hospital awaiting trial;

The Minister of Railways and Minister of posts Julius, Dorpmuller in July 1945 in anticipation of the court died in the camps for displaced persons;
the Minister without portfolio, acting chief of the Wehrmacht high command (OKW) and the chief of the army General staff Alfred Jodl on 16 October 1946 hanged by the sentence of Nyurnberskogo of the Tribunal;

the Chief of the civil Cabinet in the rank of Imperial Secretary of state Paul Wegener in November 1949, the British military Tribunal sentenced to 6 years and 6 months

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