The Crisis of Branko Malić | AKIRA

Trutherism expresses that which is ultimately lower, and cannot be conceived in the terms of adult thought, operating at the level of comic books and bad action movies. The reason truthers are so bitter and miserable is that trutherism is a method of dealing with deep seated social butthurt in an imaginary environment for the purpose of control, but there is no way to control Incel butthurt. Namely trutherism exists in order to bring about Counter-Butthurt, i.e. pseudo-self-esteem and pseudo-status to the truther. They are, therefore, fruity and inverted.

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The Crisis of the Truther World | AKIRA

The existence of Branko Malic implies a civilization where opposition politics has become consumerism, which necessarily deviates to a point where completely delusional nonsense replaces critical political discourse entirely. This process is pushed forward by deviant subcultures in which rebellion is equated with believing in retarded bullshit, usually a quite deliberate stoner endeavor to understand the politics as a Saturday Morning Cartoon – this being the typical limit of socialization.

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