Terror Against The Demiurge | Alexander Dugin

Mysticism anarchists rests on a special Gnostic formula. The gist of it boils down to this: there is not one reality, hierarchically arranged, harmonious, good in itself, but two (or more). Immanent reality rests on usurpation, on the attempt to pass the worst for the best, the only and uncontested. And so the immanent power is the power ontologically wrong, unjust, evil. The early Gnostics relied on the Apostle Paul “because our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual maliceheaven” the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul “TO the EPHESIANS” Chapter 6 (similar the mind Jn.12,31; Jn.14,30; Eph.2). The Christian version of the Gnostic anarchism rests on this Foundation.

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Punk Was Rubbish and It Didn’t Change Anything: An Investigation

“We figured our solution was to be more hardcore, and more uncompromising, in every respect, in both our politics and our music. The problem was that we were still buying into the same idea of counterculture, the idea that you could break the system merely through acts of nonconformity. In other words, punks basically had the same theory of revolution that hippies had, we just thought that they hadn’t done a very good job of it, and we were going to show them the proper way. Unfortunately, the whole thing was misguided. In a sense, we were insufficiently critical of the hippies, and of the ’60s. Not only did their rebellion fail, but the whole analysis that informed their approach to rebellion was totally wrong.”

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Chomsky speaks to Al-Masdar about Turkey | Al-Masdar

We all remember the recent engagement between Russia and Turkey, and as Turkey is a NATO ally, why was this not addressed in a foreign policy debate? There was discussion about a “no-fly zone” but nothing actually pointing directly towards Erdogan and the Turkish regime. Chomsky had this to say on President Erdogan:

​“He’s very dangerous. He’s rolling back the democratic gains of recent years and reintroducing harsh autocracy in Turkey, and is playing a very dangerous game in Syria, tacitly supporting ISIS by allowing the borders to stay open, openly supporting the al-Qaeda affiliate (al-Nusra), attacking the Kurds who are the main ground force combatting ISIS and defending their own territories and more. Not a pretty picture.”

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