Trump goes headfirst into Afghanistan

President Donald Trump opened the door on Monday night to an increase in U.S. troops in Afghanistan as part of a retooled strategy for the region, overcoming his own doubts about America’s longest war and vowing “a fight to win.”

Trump, in a prime-time televised address at a military base near Washington, said his new approach was aimed at preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for Islamist militants bent on attacking the United States.

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Afghanistan Syndrome | Mark Ames

It’s also strange to be floating conspiracies about Russian arms making their way to Kandahar bazaars, when we all know who has been backing the Taliban: the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service, with funding from the Saudis and the Gulf monarchies. The ISI nurtured, trained, equipped and advised the Taliban from its birth in Pakistani refugee camps, to its conquest of most of Afghanistan in the mid-late 1990s; and the Saudis and Gulf monarchs sponsored the whole thing. This isn’t a big secret. Just a few months ago, the New York Times did a big exposé headlined “Saudis Bankroll Taliban, Even as King Officially Supports Afghan Government”. But stories like that are just bummers, so everyone willfully forgets it and goes back to its version of Pokémon Go—something like “Putínmon Go” where every DC hack and military contractor runs around virtual-Afghanistan catching virtual-Putínmon phantoms…

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The attack in Mazar-I-Sharif | Colonel Cassad

According to local sources, the Taliban militants have studied the daily routine of the Afghan army, entered the territory of the base in the guise of servicemen. Two SUVs they passed the first checkpoint, pretending to be a combat group that is returned from patrol, and the second, a suicide bomber arranged explosion, after which 5 militants were headed into the base, where most of the soldiers were no weapons in the mosque and dining room, which explains the large number of dead and wounded. The Taliban also reported that the attackers were helped by 4 agent inside the base, which helped the attackers to kill the colleagues.

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“A New Afghanistan” | Colonel Cassad

Therefore, the issue of support of those or other initiatives requires a balancing of the interests of the Russian Federation in relations with other countries. Careful policy leads to the fact that the participants of local wars, understanding the decline in the US role in the region begin to seek other points of support, going beyond the paradigm where everything depended on US..Therefore, the Afghan MPs after the songs about the greatness of the United States, turned on the record about the greatness of Russia and China, and lobbyists reconciliation with the Taliban making frequent visits to Moscow and Beijing. The world really is changing before our eyes and the echo of these changes are audible even in a backwater like Afghanistan.

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