Hegemony and the attack in St. Petersburg: the role of the sixth column | Alexander Dugin


Alexander Dugin

The structure of today’s world is simple. It does have one – is still one dominant pole: the Swamp, the globalist elite, liberal transnational -.
It operates through:

1. liberal and left-liberal network (politics, Economics, culture, technology, education, art),

2. the American war machine and large American monopolies

3. historical, economic, political, technological and intellectual – epistemological – the inertia of the past three centuries of European Modernist art (including modernization and colonization).

Gramsci called this phenomenon “the hegemony”. Who stands on the positions of globalization, he concludes with the world elite of the “historical Pact” taking her innocence and her rules.

Network of liberal and Atlanticist lobby (which is almost the same) in all countries of the world. And almost everywhere the network consists of two segments, equally loyal to the hegemony – of the fifth column and sixth column.

The fifth column promoting the hegemony of openly challenging to all societies in which liberalism has not yet fully dominates, and the sixth column of the action from inside the governments and political elites of such societies, corrupting them and making profit, on the one hand, on the promotion of hegemony, and on the other using his position in resisting and partly independent of the global elite semi-isolated countries. Today, the Swamp is also an extreme instruments to which it increasingly uses. These extreme elements of global transnational liberal globalization are

• left-wing extremists, anarchists and the ultra-challenging any form of order,

• Islamic extremists of all stripes (especially the Wahhabis and Salafis),

• neo-Nazi chauvinistic group of perverts-xenophobes.

This scum is the basis of the fifth column attacks and still sovereign (albeit relative) of the government directly. The sixth column always accompanies them from the inside.

Trump in his election campaign opposed the structure of the American order structures of the globalists, which he dubbed the Swamp. The swamp today is often called ‘Deep State’, that is, the “deep state”, couldn’t stop trump, but so far quite successfully blocks it, not allowing him to hold not only their own line in foreign policy but also in internal (for example, containment of the abolition of Obamacare). But trump’s example shows that even the US President may be the target of aggression, persecution and demonization on the part of the hegemony (the Swamp).

Trump’s relationship with Russia, which does not cease press, are at the center of American politics is not accidental. The demonization of Russia is criminalisation of the principle of sovereignty as such. Putin = Russian sovereignty. But globalism does not recognize sovereignty. Therefore, it is important to hobble Swamp trump, to instill in him a sense of guilt in all that concerns Russian. And in parallel there is a new wave of attacks on Russians themselves. The attack in St. Petersburg – one of the elements of this strategy world of the Swamp, as well as the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas.

It is not important who was the executor of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro. The easiest way to recruit for this purpose, the Islamist-migrant. This has all the social, ideological and technical background – including the banned in Russia LIH. But the contractor never acts himself. What can you achieve with this attack is banned in Russia, ISIS? Nothing. Therefore, they can not serve customers.

The attack in St. Petersburg – the work of hegemony. The sixth column, the fifth column, the liberal global networks, American intelligence agencies all of them are equally complicit in this crime. It is not the first, it does not last.

Many today are disappointed with trump. But not to be disappointed, not to be fascinated. Trump is a colossal victory of counter-hegemony. His election allowed to see the ins and outs of the world system. The swamp is not the same as the United States, once the American people can choose a President who is going to the White House under the slogan of struggle against the Swamp. It is a lot. But trump is a hostage to the hegemony, that is, his sixth columns. It’s his inner circle, his staff is all American elite almost entirely. And now the hegemony is against Russia and Putin, that is, to us, is not less than trump.

The sixth column is, of course, in Russia. And it is not Bulk – Bulk classic fifth. But the kids surrounding him — is the product of education, training and culture, which are in the hands of the sixth column. She, the sixth column, is outwardly loyal to Putin, these “onizhedeti” and prepared.

The sixth column does not go to the square and blows himself up in the car of the St. Petersburg metro. But it – as part of the global liberal globalist network carries the principal responsibility. Because it creates the preconditions for this, the starting conditions. Russia stubbornly resists the stranglehold of globalization. And we suffer and pay with the lives of our people, our loved ones in St. Petersburg or in the Donbass for it. And it is increasingly clear that the choice of camp is not just positioning. There is something deeply religious, as the renunciation of Satan or the service.

2 responses to “Hegemony and the attack in St. Petersburg: the role of the sixth column | Alexander Dugin

  1. Trump’s honeymoon is over since yesterday, time to adjust the Globalist logic, liberal geopolitics sprang from the Petro Dollar was reinforced by the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, then was maintained by Qantatitive easing it’s goodnight to the easy trillions unless something new turns up, to avoid war I suggest that the Globalist period be seen as an expression of US nationalism very similar the Japanese Militarism, time to act is now, the US is little more than an israeli vassal state if that remains hidden all rhetoric is only serving the interests of deception, and strengthening the war mongering US Generals who are only serving the Boss in Tel Aviv.


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