The offensive in East HOMS | Colonel Cassad

Syrian sources report, to the base of Tiyas continue to have reserves that should take part in operations West of Palmyra. Among them are units formed and armed with Russia for the 5th army corps. Also marked fresh forces “Tigers” and the Republican guard. Major battles to turn around on the line, here, Juvies-Gazal. At this stage, the army creates the conditions to advance to Palmyra. Were occupied the hills to the North of the airbase and are now faced with the task of pushing the militants near the oil fields.The resistance “black” it will be clear whether they hold the districts, or go into a maneuver defense. The main defensive positions of the “black” will be deployed to the West and North-West of Palmyra. The importance of retention Chuvashia, because based on it you can constantly strain the flank of the Syrian group. The same applies to the area of al-Shaer, in the case of the SAA will move along the route Ties-Palmyra the ancient city.

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Syrian Military Forms Fifth Attack Troop Corps Trained, Equipped and Paid by Syrian Allies | Southfront

“In response to the rapidly changing conditions, consolidate the existing combat achievements and meet the need to end terrorism in Syria, command of the Syrian army now announces to establish the Fifth Army Corps. The corps consists of volunteers and will carry out anti-terrorism missions. It will work with other troops of the Syrian army with support from our allies, aiming to bring stability in Syria” said Ali Mayhoub, spokesman of the Syrian Army.

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