A false start | Colonel Cassad

The Prime Minister of Iraq, arrived in Mosul said that Mosul is completely liberated from the Caliphate, and the battle for Mosul is completed.

This is not true – the militants continue to hold a small part of the old city on the Western Bank of the Tigris, where they continue to resist the Iraqi army and police. It is clear that there is not much time left, and desire of Iraqis to kill militants in Mosul, obviously, but from a formal point of view, the battle is not over yet and today we are witnessing the second false start with the celebration of the liberation of Mosul – the previous one was on 29 June. However, the end of the battle of Mosul is not far away.

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No escape | Colonel Cassad

On the banks of the Tigris eliminated one of the last high-ranking commanders of the Caliphate in Western Mosul Abu Hafsa al-Saud, who was a native of Saudi Arabia. This character tried to escape from the compression ring not wanting to prematurely go to a meeting with houris, where he massively sent his less pragmatic colleagues. Either he wanted to sneak along the West Bank of the Tigris, or to cross to the Eastern part of the city and get lost there, and perhaps subsequently to participate in the organization of the terrorist war in the liberated from ISIS in Mosul. But something went wrong – on the banks of the Tigris he met the team that accelerated his delivery to hell.

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The Liberation Of Mosul | Colonel Cassad

However, it is understandable why the Iraqis are ready to share the joy. For them, the capture of Mosul is the end of a long blood test and the hard-won victory, which has long been waiting for the exhausted people of Iraq. The lesson of the ruins of the mosque of al-Nuri is a very symbolic moment for the war against the Caliphate in Iraq – the Iraqi army came to the place where the Caliphate as a state. And now, she is actively involved in its liquidation.It is quite obvious that they really want to declare victory, so are more in a hurry, although the final outcome of the battle has long been obvious – the tenacity of fighters only prolonged the resistance, but couldn’t change the determined outcome.

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