Head of “Humpty Dumpty” pleads guilty | Znak.com

Ruslan Koblev, a lawyer of the journalist Vladimir Anikeev, who was arrested on charges of the group “Anonymous international”, better known as “Humpty Dumpty,” said to Znak.com that his client admitted the charges against him. In addition, Anikeev confirmed that indeed a person known as Lewis.

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Nest of Treason | Tsargrad.tv

Investigation into the activities of the group “Humpty Dumpty” continues. And open new connection of criminals, including in the highest circles of the Russian elite. Investigation of Constantinople brought us directly to the person previously close to Boris Berezovsky. But first think about the connection between “Saltaev” with another person from the 90’s.

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Source: the leader of the group “Humpty Dumpty” is not associated with CDC FSB | RIA.RU

Alleged leader of hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeyev made a deal with the investigation, but his criminal case is irrelevant to those arrested for treason to the staff of CDC FSB of the Russian Federation, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday a source familiar with the case.
“Anikeev actively cooperating with the investigation, he went with authorities for a deal. His case is separate and has no relation to the arrested on charges of treason to the staff of the information security Center of FSB of the Russian Federation”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

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Two of accomplices of “Humpty Dumpty” arrested | Tasss.ru

In the case of the leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeev in custody are two of his alleged accomplices – Alexander Filinov and Konstantin Teplyakov accused of illegal access to computer information.
“The arrest Filinova and Teplyakov took place in November 2016. Currently measure them extended until April,” said TASS press Secretary of the Lefortovo court Ekaterina Krasnova.

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“Humpty Dumpty,” collected in prison | Kommersant

Kommersant has learned the names of two more defendants in a criminal case, according to one version associated with the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”. Along with its alleged leader Vladimir Anikeyev from the beginning of December in prison are his friend Konstantin Teplyakov, Alexander Filinov. About the latter nothing is known, but Mr. Teplyakov in 2009 he created dozens of phishing sites, and in recent years lived in Thailand and Kiev, driving real estate agencies.

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