The Turkish army will enter Idlib | Colonel Cassad

The issue of troops in Idlib will be voted in the Turkish Parliament today, after which the Turkish army will start operations in the border area to oust “Al-Nusra”.

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The attack of “al-Nusra” in Northern Hama | Colonel Cassad

Judging by the nature of the events, the preparation of the insurgents’ attack was revealed in advance, which led to effective countermeasures, which led to the failure of the offensive in such a short time. A striking contrast with the March events in Northern Hama. By the evening of September 20, according to Syrian sources, the militants were driven out of those areas that they managed to occupy at the cost of large losses, and now the issue of the counteroffensive of the SAA towards Murak is on the agenda in order to take advantage of the consequences of the unsuccessful offensive by militants.

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