Frau Hitler | Colonel Cassad

The result is a funny picture, when the Germans and the Turks accuse each other of fascism, as reflected in the cartoon.

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The Berlin terrorist eliminated | Colonel Cassad

Of course, about Germany’s role in the growth of similar evil, they prefer not to remember, as the refugees are not the cause but the consequence of the destruction of a number of countries in the middle East and North Africa that spawned a wave of migration, which in Europe penetrate radical jihadists in commercial quantities.

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Clarifications on Turkey and Berlin | Colonel Cassad

Syrian sources reasonably suggest that the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, may be the result of problems with the withdrawal of foreign military advisers from Aleppo who are still hiding in the city and in this case, and suggest that the murder of Charles can be found among the secret services of the citizens of those States, military advisers which are still in Aleppo.

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