Victory parade in Moscow | Colonel Cassad

Victory in the great Patriotic War, is for us a historic landmark and also a reminder what efforts we have survived as a people. On this day we remember the fallen and deceased veterans, but first and foremost, we celebrate victory in the hardest war in the history of our nation. And as long as we remember, our people have a historic future.

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Afghanistan Syndrome | Mark Ames

It’s also strange to be floating conspiracies about Russian arms making their way to Kandahar bazaars, when we all know who has been backing the Taliban: the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service, with funding from the Saudis and the Gulf monarchies. The ISI nurtured, trained, equipped and advised the Taliban from its birth in Pakistani refugee camps, to its conquest of most of Afghanistan in the mid-late 1990s; and the Saudis and Gulf monarchs sponsored the whole thing. This isn’t a big secret. Just a few months ago, the New York Times did a big exposé headlined “Saudis Bankroll Taliban, Even as King Officially Supports Afghan Government”. But stories like that are just bummers, so everyone willfully forgets it and goes back to its version of Pokémon Go—something like “Putínmon Go” where every DC hack and military contractor runs around virtual-Afghanistan catching virtual-Putínmon phantoms…

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