DAWN IN BOOTS | Alexander Dugin

1.Don Juan from the Province

Looking through Internet discussion in the “Guest book” gorgeous Russian website LENIN: I found a strange posting,signed by a certain “don Juan from the Province”. The debate between the avant-garde patriots and boring, predictable transparent “hydrodam” was conducted regarding the KGB. Young semi-mondialists developed a familiar thesis: that “all patriots, informers and intelligence officers”. In reply Eurasians have advanced a variety of (often mocking) the counter. Here is a fragment of my reply to the “don Juan of the Province” in this discussion:


“On denunciations. People working in KGB, denunciations never wrote. They wrote creative people and other types of informants. Each Soviet person of the late Soviet period relevant to more or less serious activities, especially humanitarian, had one or more curators. These curators have gathered information (denunciations), a slave sometimes helped, sometimes hindered. It was a social master-slave code. This game avoided unit… Payback will be later, and seriously. Positive values of Eurasia will be approved in the next act. In this act (so far) will be screams and death, punishment and torture, pulled-out tongues and severed nails, howling and blowing snow from my eyes…this time from Chechnya will come (has already come) brand new soldiers. God, how I’ve waited for this moment, when the blood and the pain, spasms and dirt will awaken the heart of our rage! Special services Eurasia created now. This new continental KGB. Meta-KGB. Knows no pity, ironic, in Golden gloves, with the Serbian longing, with crimson spark in his eyes. This time without the escort of cotton pants. The way it’s in the nightmares dreamed of the saxophone Clinton. Solar transcendental KGB. With leather wings of ancient flying beasts. With binoculars and a cane with a poison ring and a clockwork bomb. The KGB… I’ve seen them, they questioned my friend. For the trifle. But – is the Golden dawn. Dawn in boots.”


Network liberals and other scraps of a bygone era “external control” has not slowed down, dreading, rebuke, “don Juan from the Province” that “he is the employee of bodies”. A ridiculous accusation, because on the Internet everyone chooses the profile at its discretion. Profession, passions, systems, worldviews become fragments of fascinating games in the text that more interesting than the more refined and richer culture of the participants.

It doesn’t happen often. Project :LENIN: exactly. So it may well be that bloodthirsty “don Juan from the Province” in the real e peaceful freedom-loving artist and the network Champions of “human rights” – law enforcement officers with Nazi sympathies. It can be. The topic, however, raised serious:

2.Social lever of Patriotic reform: the search of the subject

It is obvious that the implementation of the Eurasian Project required a completely new social lever. The transfer of the country on the rails of patriotism, the preservation (and strengthening) the territorial integrity and sovereign in its own national way requires a new caste, a new social layer. Such an active element can not be formed neither party structures nor in the officialdom nor in business circles. There is an active and tough people who are able to achieve your goals by any means. But this is a separate figure and not a mass social phenomenon. Parties nurture the clan, often hysterical footage, the passion which (if any) goes into slogans, cries, in pairs, into the void. Even if the parties are partiotism, they always tend to demagogy, but on a practical level, their actions are entirely dependent on the bureaucracy or the business circles.At certain points in the history of the party, indeed, was mobilizing a social organism, the apparatus of direct action. In today’s Russia it is not. Simple and non-life a carbon copy of Western societies, existing more for the sake and based on the principles of “society of the spectacle”. The most successful and popular party is that which is most consistent and logical in Outlook, in political diagnoses and actions, but one that has a calming more attractive and credible “image” for the masses.

Officials have their drawbacks. The apparatus is arranged so that a drive in the truest sense of career rather prevents than helps. Official slow, indecisive, acts with caution and slowly. The magic of post and rank is valid by itself. In certain periods, and clearly delineated the boundaries of this approach would be useful. It is a social centrism, it prevents anarchy, prevents the slide into chaos. Through the perversity of certain part of Russian officials, many disastrous initiatives of the liberals was broken.So the merit of the Eurasian officials of sabotaging the liberal reforms not less merit antireformers opposition parties. However, the active phase of creation this classabsolutely unsuitable. Moreover, to a certain extent, in the natural desire to preserve the “status quo” he will only interfere…

Finally, businessmen. It is, indeed, a new passionaries have time to think and make in a short time as much as other generations and other social strata are not able for decades. But for the most part they are driven by pure greed, the search for individual gain. In the center is not even a clan, not a group, not “family”, but purely personal interest. This approach completely eliminates the service of a higher ideal – state or National Idea. The logic of the merchant follows the interest, not the ideal. In and of themselves entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Patriotic revival to become can’t. Rather, in certain matters they will be his obstacle. Remain special services. This is the state people, but different from the rest of the state people that are constantly dealing with back side events. Where there is a more rigid pattern of behavior where a legal background is canceled, where things are seen as they are, not as they seem on the outside, the uninitiated.

People security services combine basic prerequisites in order to become the backbone of the Eurasian Renaissance. They – the officials, but a more disciplined and centralized. They are patriots, because patriotism is professionally educated in them at the departmental level, training. Moreover, constantly dealing with the “enemy”, they are better than others learn to share all of “our” and “not ours”. And this division, according to German jurist Carl Schmitt, is the main condition for an adequate political consciousness (Cf. Carl Schmitt “The Concept Of The Political”). Finally, many of today’s special agents have experience in entrepreneurial activities, as the wave of “liberal” cleansing many of them (involuntarily or voluntarily) were thrown into the commercial sector.

Today it is time to gather stones. To restore the structure. To enter a new stage of state-building. KGB, indeed, comes back. But what should it be at a new historical stage?

3. Continental KGB and law Eurasian human

The main purpose of “continental KGB” should be the realization of the Eurasian Project. The main vector it is obvious:

opposition to American hegemony on a planetary scale in all strategic areas (including the economy, politics, culture, science, etc.);

the reconstruction of a powerful Eurasian sovereign State on the basis of the Russian Federation and strategic integration of the countries of the CIS;

– creation of structure of the economic, military and political alliances with other great powers of Eurasia (the Eurasian Military Partnership);

mobilization development of the Russian economy under the broad “customs Union”;

– political stabilization in Russia, the transition to the Eurasian bipartisanship, the marginalization of extremism in economic, national and social spheres;

– implementation of a new National Security doctrine and Defense Doctrine.

Clearly, the implementation of this plan will require both legitimate, and not legitimate (and even not illegal) activities. Russia is now in a still-painful situation, when agents of influence geopolitical enemy have a legal base to continue its questionable activities, take high positions in the State, have powerful political, informational and financial support. To eradicate it only by using one hundred percent legally authorized methods is unlikely.Statehood at critical periods and related regulatory models cannot be legally described with any codes. This is a historic decision that requires incredible mobilization of all resources, wild exertion, implementation, dizzying avant-garde of action.

Will this turn of Russian life today, of course. She is the embodiment and in the Executive branch, and the political structure (drifting towards the Eurasian harmonious bipartisanship), in the atmosphere of the society, in the logic of economic processes, dictating the need for new (albeit limited) of self-sufficiency.

But the will must be in community, in group, in class. This class should be restored to the KGB. Not FSB, not an abstract “security forces”, not the inflorescence of the special departments, responsible for narrowly specialized area. Real KGB marvelous continental scale, the specter of which frighten the West, its governments, its peoples once:

So heroic, makavelyces all-powerful, all-knowing and all-wise, the KGB, in reality, did not exist. At least the disaster of perestroika and liberal reforms suggests that we were dealing with a bluff, with the legend, the myth.

But it does mean that the KGB is a matter for the future. Not to fight with powerless groups of dissidents and artists that do not fit the rigid norms of Soviet culture, is to implement great war of the continents need the intelligence of a new type, Total security services, on the other side lying small-humanitarian chimeras.

There is not one humanity but two. And each half – their rights and responsibilities. One half (the smaller), “notorious “Golden billion”, was turned against everyone else. She shamelessly enforces its view of life and sense, dictates its economic and cultural will require all the Nations of the earth bowed before the idol of the “new world order” with a moronic face of American teenagers degenerates Beavis and Batheda.

From the rest of mankind, their rights and their goals. They are multidimensional and various. But all in agreement (must be United) in one – in a unanimous negation of the Pax Americana (peace under American”). Continental Eurasian KGB, solar, KGB, should be the instrument of this second half of humanity. After all, no revival of Russia, no real sovereignty, no strategic, cultural, political, social and economic independence in the us-centered world Russia to be seen. The ideologists of the “new world order” – such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, clearly allow to understand what they would like to see future Russia: weak, divided, depopulation, submissive, dependent and obedient.Ideal Brzezinski, who, incidentally, is one of the main figures on the opposite – Atlanticist – pole of intelligence that is incompatible with the ideal of national and state revival of Russia. A new geopolitical order is called up for service. In the name of protection of the rights of the Eurasian man… And again the rights of anonymous Internet “don Juan of the Province”: the Soldiers and officers coming out of Chechnya, will never be the same. The pre-war. Ernst Junger said about the war, “She is our mother.”This Chechen war – the mother of the new Eurasian person, a new Russian. Loyal to the State and the people, sensible, disciplined and responsible in matters of service, a passionate and violent in the implementation of this goal passionary of the new KGB wants to see the light.

Based on the best traditions of the Soviet secret police, mindful of the oppressive experience of humiliation and wandering around the commercial structures in the dark of the liberal democratic timelessness, looking to the great future, the Eurasian, the secret service will inevitably be something completely new – conservative, on the one hand, and revolutionary on the other…

This should be a kind of “new oprichnina”. Especially in the first and most difficult stage, when it is necessary to crush the citadel of strong, entrenched in critical sectors of our society, agents of influence. The powers of this new class should be delegated in the same proportions as during the conduct of hostilities.

War of the continents continues. And the Governor will have no alternative but to decide sooner or later in this step.


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