Former Leader Of Right Sector Disappeared From Interpol List | Fort Russ

The former head of the Ukrainian organization “Right sector”, Dmitry Yarosh, has disappeared from the open database of the Interpol wanted list, TASS reported. Searching his name on the organization’s website does not provide results. A working hyperlink to a page about him leads to a blank page. Interpol has not commented on this information.

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The Split in “Right Sector” | Colonel Cassad

Now our eyes held the restructuring of the organization, when the old will remain frank marginalized and different SBUshnaya creature, people associated with the oligarchs and a variety of social climbers, will go into a new project with Yarosh, who will seek more publicity and partial respectability for Sewer fascist sentiments under the new project.

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Dmytro Yarosh Former Leader Of Nazi Group Right Sector, Will Create Another Opposition Movement | NOVOROSSIA TODAY

Former leader of Ukraine’s extremist Right Sector group, outlawed in Russia, Dmytro Yarosh, has declared he leaves the organization with an intention to create another oppositional movement, as follows from his own statement on the Right Sector’s website. “My team and I have made a decision to withdraw from the Right Sector to launch a qualitatively new national-state-patriotic movement, which will be able to build an independent and united state,”

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