Dugin’s Guideline – Independence day USA

USA is not a country, it is the embodiment of a dead-end path of evolution, the decline of Western civilization. If the Americans had at least a small sense of proportion, they are quite satisfied with their own successes and created his own world, finding a form of balance with other cultures and peoples. But the lack of taste, style and proportions is fatal. Therefore, the American monster will go on its way, yet not fall into the abyss. This is the fate of the titans.

All the titans sooner or later falls into the pit of hell, which is their Motherland. But the most important thing for us is not to allow them to take us with him. Today, the only worthy of the name independence is independence from the United States of America and enveloped the entire planet’s networks of influence.

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America the “Green Country” | Alexander Dugin

In this view, Columbus’ newfound discovery of the American continent bears a rather sinister meaning, as it signifies the emergence of “sunken Atlantis” on the horizon of history. But not even Atlantis itself, but its “shadow,” its negative continuation of the symbolic West to the point of the “world of the dead.” It is quite characteristic in this regard that this “new discovery” temporally coincided with the beginning of the severe decline of European (and pan-Eurasian) civilization, which rapidly began to lose its spiritual, religious, qualitative, and sacred principles from this time on.

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