North Korea launches missiles at U.S. bases in Japan | VIDEO

Yesterday North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

The missiles reportedly traveled an average of 1,000 km (620 miles), and landed within 300 to 350 km (185 to 220 miles) of Japan. The four launches were said to be “simultaneous,” leading to speculation they were intended to be a barrage attack to overwhelm a missile defense system.

“In the hearts of artillerymen … there was burning desire to mercilessly retaliate against the warmongers going ahead with their joint war exercises,” KCNA said.

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Riyadh in the Yemeni Missiles’ Line of Sight | VIDEOS

In a statement published Monday morning, the army and Ansarullah ballistic unit assured that the Saudi capital is now within the reach of Yemeni missiles.

“The first ballistic test against a military target in the satanic Saudi capital was successful,” said the Yemeni ballistic unit.

“The shooting of the ballistic missile is in response to the continued Saudi-US aggression, its massacres, and its tyrannical embargo against our people suffering a humanitarian tragedy, under the eyes of the International community”

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Saudi coalition confirms longest-range Yemeni ballistic missile attack to date | Jane’s

Yemen’s SABA news agency, which is supportive of the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) and allied military forces, reported that a Burkan-1 ballistic missile has been launched against King Fahd Air Base, which is about 25 km northeast of Taif. “The rocket hit the target accurately, inflicting heavy losses in the base,” it claimed.

The existence of the Burkan-1 was announced on 2 September, when SABA reported that Yemen’s missile force had developed a new weapon with a range of 800 km. Al-Masirah broadcast footage showing three ‘Scud’-type missiles labelled as Burkan-1s.

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