Confirmation | Colonel Cassad



Sources in the Islamic State confirm that the Great Caliph Abu-Bakr Baghdadi was killed.

The militants of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This was announced by the Iraqi channel al- sumaria, citing a source. According to him, the militants announced a successor, but did not name his name. The source believes that the statement about the death of the leader was expected after the lifting of the ban on talking about the death of al-Baghdadi. On behalf of the militants of the successor called for the rejection of strife and stability.

Information about the death of al-Baghdadi confirms the human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

So with very high probability we can say that the leader of the Caliphate was abolished videoconferencing.

The very group of course will not disappear – there will be new “Khalifa”, there will be more blood associated with IG, but the elimination of such a significant figure reflects the approach of the end of ISIS as a state.

For Russia, this result has long-term value, because it is more indestructible than a trump card that can beat insinuations by Zapadnoi propaganda, which claims that Russia is not at war with ISIS, in contrast to the United States. The corpse of Baghdad, more than a strong argument.

PS. And if this can be considered a proof – trump wrote about this in Twitter “a Big victory over ISIS.” The Pentagon said that he had no information.



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