English decadence of the XIX century: the pre-Raphaelites and their circle | Alexander Dugin

In the heart of the night, the poet addresses the God of death, whose face he fearlessly strives to discern. This is the culmination of the aesthetics of Pater calling to live with maximum intense intensity not so much moments of life, but life as a moment in which all. Such a moment can only be death, as the culmination of life. Himself Dante Gabriel Rossetti called it a “moment of moments” and was dedicated to the cycles of his sonnets to him. “The house of Life”, thus, is a chain of bright flashes of poignant experiences of existence, the culmination of which is the House of Death.And not incidentally, Rossetti devotes this series died (from a lethal dose of laudanum) wife.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Pre-Raphaelites: European indigenous spiritual traditions

The English pre-Raphaelites represented a very interesting phenomenon not only in the sphere of culture and art, but also in ideology. They were representatives of the conservative avant-garde. That is, on the one hand, they rejected modernity, with its materialism, vanity, appliances and low taste of the masses, appealed to antiquity, to the indigenous spiritual traditions of Europe, from antiquity and Greco-Roman high examples of tragic and beautiful.

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