The assassination of “Givi” | Colonel Cassad

While there are no accurate figures but one reliable source in Donetsk with whom just spoke, said that “Givi” died.

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Avdeevka. 31.01.2017. Day | Colonel Cassad

In General, unilateral “truce” and statements about “separatist groups”, quite clearly shows that the Kremlin is not interested in the violation of existing in the Donbas the status quo pending negotiations with the United States. The junta, in turn, is interested in intensifying the fighting to those negotiations, to sit down favorite skate “Russian aggression” and “humanitarian catastrophe”, which they themselves cause. So from Kiev shouting that the international institutions put pressure on Russia and LDNR that they stopped to fire at Avdeevka, and from Moscow and Donetsk claim that it is Germany, France and the OSCE should put pressure on the junta to stop shelling Donetsk and other cities DND.

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Briefing the options … | Sic Semper Tyrannis

In the case of the options meeting concerning Syria at the White House on Friday, it seems clear that what was briefed was a set of options generated by the Joint Staff. In this meeting the president/CinC met with the chiefs to discuss the options and their secondary effects. Others may have been invited; the DNI, the Director of CIA, the Secretary of State, the CENTCOM commander, but they would essentially be “strap hangers”, i.e., observers at what was essentially a JCS “show.” An accomplished briefer would have presented the Courses of Action. This would be followed by discussion led by General Dunford, CJCS.

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