The Syrian Arab Army (2) | Oryx Blog

With the Syrian Ministry of Defense finally having embraced 21st century media technology, it now regularly uploads high-definition images on both its official website and twitter account. Despite this ‘giant’ leap forward, the Syrian MoD still only communicates to the outside world in Arabic, thereby excluding a large audience that could otherwise be interested in reading or viewing the MoD’s statements on ongoing battles in the Syrian theatre. Nonetheless, the images published provide for a perfect opportunity for another ‘Photo Report’.

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No. 332 | Colonel Cassad

1. Regardless of what shot down the Boeing – missile air-air or earth-air “Buk No. 312 and “Buk №332” really were in the Donbas in the specified time period.

2. Both “Buk” with these numbers belonged to the 3rd division of the 156th anti-aircraft regiment and of course could not be introduced to Donbass from the territory of Russia, as stuck in the area of Lugansk and in the month of March were transferred to the DNR.

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