Dugin’s Guideline – Kerry’s Tour of Tbilisi

Why the US activity in the area of our direct strategic interests? There are several reasons. After Brexit there is a clear weakening of the Atlanticists – with all the pressure from Washington, the British withdrew from the EU and weaken Europe’s Anglo-Saxon influence. This strengthens the position of continental European forces, and, most importantly, it again underscores the importance of Russia as an alternative pole. It becomes obvious to all. Therefore, the Americans began to fuss and began to carry out an audit of its anti-Russian vassals – as if they did not succumb to the tranquil charm of a sovereign Russia. Moreover, the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker that an alien civilization is extremely disappointed with the EU, has finally demonstrated: the European Union, with its tolerance for Mcdonalds and other satanic perversions has finally lost the last vestiges of rationality and become really scary.

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