Assad in Hama | Colonel Cassad

In the South there is an active advance along the Syrian-Iraqi border to the Euphrates. The Americans sit at Tanf, but do not actively engage the SAA and Iranian “proxies”.

In Raqqa the SAA is close to solving the problem by cutting off its ledge between Maskanah and Tabqa. Closing of the pincers and digestion of the boiler can be expected within a week.

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The defeat of ISIS at Resafa | Colonel Cassad

Uplifting video dedicated to Resafa offensive and the liberation of neighboring villages. Starts with the progress in the desert South of Tabqa and ends with the hoisting of the Syrian flag on the ruins of the ancient Roman wall in Resafa. Main feature video demonstration of a large number of destroyed and damaged tanks of the Caliphate, broken down trailers, abandoned guns and other goods.

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Offensive in Eastern Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

The advance detachments of the SAA have actually come very close to the outskirts of Maskanah. At the same time, the line of militant detachments, which signify the front line to the south of the city, is quite vigorously being pushed back. In fact, the front itself is no longer there – the militants continue to retreat to the east, resting in separate settlements, but with a similar level of resistance, the SAA is coping well. Maskanah is essentially the last major city in the province where the Caliphate will be able to provide less or less organized resistance, and further down to the American enclave near Tabqa, the terrain as a whole favors the offensive of Syrian mechanized formations that are supported by the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force.

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

On Friday at Raqqa was killed a 22-year-old Solider from the 75th Ranger battalion of the U.S. army, Etienne Murphy.

Moreover, there are discrepancies about the causes of death according to one version, he crashed the SUV, on the other – died during the battle with militants of the Caliphate.

It is worth noting that for a 22 years old he had quite a large number of medals and awards.

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Flooding in Raqqa | Colonel Cassad

The US and the Kurds continue in turn to expand the bridgehead on the southern Bank of the Euphrates, and continued to occupy towns in the assumption of Raqqa. The supply of equipment for SDF/YPG are continuing, in desert areas, where the actions of mobile groups, small arms and ammunition dropped from a military transport aircraft. Operations of US special forces supported by helicopters and planes with bases in Rojava. In General, everything goes in line with the old trends associated with the creation of operational assumptions associated with the assault on Raqqa. Formerly the deadline is obviously frustrated that the Caliphate can certainly burn itself into an asset, but strategically it doesn’t change anything. Winning 1-2 months is unlikely to allow the Caliphate to significantly change the balance of forces around their capital.

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Damascus 2013-2017 | Colonel Cassad

It is obvious that preparations are underway for hostilities against the Caliphate (the regrouping of troops and creation of strike groups requires a certain time), which we will see in the second half of may-early June. As the primary tasks is to sweep the area of the base of the Giro and promotion along the banks of the Euphrates to the administrative borders of Raqqa province + creation of prerequisites for the development of the offensive from the area Itree. Simultaneously, we can expect offensive operations to the North and South of the highway Ties – Palmyra, as well as the mounting of the strike group in the area of the Palmyra, for the ambitious offensive operations in the direction of Deir ez-Zor.

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