Why Paul Wolfowitz Is Optimistic About Trump | PODCAST

“I think there is a fantastic opportunity here. It’s only a first step, it’s only an opportunity,” he says of Trump’s surprise decision to unloose an American Tomahawk missile strike in Syria after President Bashar Assad’s regime again unleashed chemical weapons on civilians, a strike that turned Wolfowitz and many of his fellow neoconservatives into unlikely cheerleaders for the actions of an administration they had previously viewed as a threat.

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Russia’s Alt-Right Rasputin Says He’s Steve Bannon’s Ideological Soul Mate | Buzzfeed

In the interview, Dugin insisted that unlike liberals, who “forgave Barack Obama’s failed promises,” conservative politicians were now turning away from Trump. “That is the main difference between liberals and conservatives. We have a deep sense of dignity: The moment the right-wing politicians Marine Le Pen [in France] and Matteo Salvini [in Italy], and all of the alt-right supporters [in the U.S.], saw that Trump was a puppet, they stopped supporting him.”

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The uprising against the modern world of Steve Bаnnon | Alexander Dugin

The fact that Trump quickly betrayed everyone, does not have a decisive significance for the ideological fate of the world. Maybe now he, and not the bloody Hilary, will be last drop that will finish the imperial overgrowth of the US and bury this globalist monster. There is nothing personal – sooner or later the power of the Swamp, which drained Trump, will collapse. But the fact that Trump’s ideas (that is, essentially the “Bannonite” program) provoked such a strong support of old-Americans, is of decisive importance. Bannon through Trump has challenged the globalist elites and found such understanding and support in the American people, that show – the People is ready to awake from liberal sleep.

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Washington gingerbread | Colonel Cassad

1. Moscow has been promised a strategic partnership, if it will hand over al-Assad.

2. Russia is now included in a new edition of the “axis of evil”, from which it can easily get out if refuses to cooperate with a “failed” regimes of Syria, Iran and North Korea.

3. The network has leaked the conversation which took the place of during a meeting G-7, where Tillerson made disparaging comments about Ukraine.

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The Ultimatum from Tillerson | Colonel Cassad

It is quite clear that the open surrender of Assad, especially after the sacrifices (today, the defense Ministry announced two more dead), wasted resources and diplomatic efforts, will be nothing but surrender . The withdrawal of troops, the cessation of military support, the termination of cooperation with Iran – all this immediately and decisively will undermine the position of Russia in the middle East.

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