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Photos of Russian and American specialists in Syria.

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Russia prepared to deploy ground forces to Syria | Press TV

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed on Monday that the Russian special forces were ready to be deployed in the areas where Syrian troops were engaged in serious battles against the terrorist groups.

They further noted that the technical aspects of the plan had already been drawn up, and that it would be implemented once the Damascus government puts in an official request and Russian President Vladimir Putin issues the order.

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Fighting for Tiyas. 18.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

In terms of long-term strategy, the loss of Palmyra of course greatly complicates the preparations for the unblocking of Deir ez-Zor. This is actually the main operational problem with the loss of Palmyra. But as we have shown failure at Palmyra and Tabqa stretched far ahead of “gut” with open flanks, quite vulnerable to attacks on communications and for planning the return of Palmyra, or a more ambitious hike to Deir-ez-Zor have to solve a non-trivial task of protecting the flanks of the advancing group. But it is rather a long-term problem.It appears that without preliminary Stripping of the oil fields North of Palmyra in the direction Itree, to launch an offensive in Deir ez-Zor is unlikely to succeed. While the SAA deals with more mundane things associated with the stabilization of the front in Eastern HOMS.

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600 Russian ground troops land in Syria | Gulf NEWS

Over the past 48-hours, six hundred Russian special forces have landed at the Hmaymeem Airbase on the Syrian coast and been transferred to Al Safira, a city in the Aleppo governorate strategically located on the Damascus-Aleppo Highway. From there they will be placed along the Castello Road, formerly the main lifeline for the Syrian Opposition from Turkey, helping channel arms, money, and food to Turkish-backed militants in eastern Aleppo.

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Putin’s Secret Force Multiplier: Special Operations Forces | Roger McDermott

The level of air power Russia deploys and uses in Syria depends on the success of its military advisors in conducting the intense train-and-equip program for the SAA. Some of these advisors are personnel belonging to Russia’s most secretive military organization: the Special Operations Forces Command (Komandovaniye Sil Spetsial’nykh Operatsiy—KSSO). These forces are acclaimed for their roles in seizing Crimea and, more recently, for their involvement in operations in Syria. They constitute an important force multiplier in the Kremlin’s efforts to apply small numbers of military personnel and assets to achieve maximum impact toward political-military objectives

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