Turkish troops on the border with Kurdistan | Colonel Cassad

Taking into account possible escalation in Iraq at the end of September, this military activity looks like a pre-preperation “just in case”, though perhaps the Turkish General staff has a more serious agreement with the Iranian military on the subject of action to prevent the dismemberment of Iraq. The official explanation from the Turkish military emphasized that the military exercises are aimed at practicing cooperation in fighting terrorism. As DAESH is long gone from the area, it is quite clear who the Turks mean.

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On the way to Deir-ez-Zor | Colonel Cassad

Turkish “proxy” attacked the US infantry from the 75th Ranger regiment to the North of Manbij. The Americans returned fire, and then fled from the area. The US complained to Turkey about the behavior of her minions. It is not yet clear whether it was a local initiative of the insurgents or the Turks with their hands “proxy” overtures to the US position, preparing their traditional “knife in the back”.

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