The military situation in Syria to 26.08.2017 | Colonel Cassad

NKVD officer


The report of the commander of grouping of the armed forces in Syria, Colonel-General of Surovikino on the military situation in Syria on 25.08.2017

The Operation to defeat the terrorist organization “ISIS” is in its final stage. The complete destruction of the gangs of the so-called Caliphate is only a matter of time.

Today in the framework of International military-technical forum “ARMY-2017” from the air base Hamim made a report “About the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic,” the commander of the grouping of troops (forces) of the armed forces in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin. Full text of the speech of the General and shown them a map of the Ministry of defense in the “Russian Spring”.

Syrian armed forces with the support of the Russian space forces continue operations to defeat terrorist groups ISIS* and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”* on the territory of the country.

In the North-East of the Syrian Arab Republic, government forces are waging a successful offensive action to defeat ISIL militants along the Western Bank of the Euphrates river in the direction of DEIR EZ-Zor.

Completely liberated the province of Aleppo,

significant progress has been made in Central Syria, where the terrorists completely liberated the province of Aleppo. Over the past week, government forces established control over 1100 sq. km.

The final phase enters the operation to rout the encircled militants in the town of AKERBAT. Despite heavy losses, the gangs tend to hold this strategically important transport hub.
Mastering Akerbat will allow the Syrian army to create a solid security zone to the West of the “road of life” Salaam — Hanaser and completely to establish control over hydrocarbon deposits to the North of Palmyra.

Completely eradicated group of militants surrounded the East ITREE.
In the present environment of gangs of terrorists in the area North-West of ES-SOHNE.
Government troops seized the towns of EL-KOM, ES-SOHNE, EL CDER and ET-TABA, which were concentrated large reserves and warehouses militants.
Thus, favorable conditions for early release from ISIS Central areas of Syria and further attacks on DEIR EZ-ZOR.
To support the offensive of the units of the Syrian armed forces, Russian aviation daily commit about 60 sorties. Round the clock conducted aerial reconnaissance for the detection and destruction of manpower, weapons and equipment of terrorists, as well as truck convoys with ammunition and materiel.
Only for the last three days, Russian pilots flew 163 sorties, destroying 415 purposes.
Total enemy losses for the last three months of combat amounted to more than eight thousand fighters, fifteen hundred units of weapons, military and other vehicles, and this number is increasing day by day.

In the South of Syria completed the destruction of the disparate armed groups on the border with Jordan and Iraq. Continue the offensive near the town of ABU KAMAL near the Syrian-Iraqi border up the Euphrates.
Currently, Syrian government forces backed by the Russian space forces develop the offensive on DEIR-EZ-ZOR from three directions: along the Euphrates river, from the town of ES-SOHNE and from the area of ABU-KEMAL.

In this area there are militants from MOSUL and a large part of the most capable and well-armed ISIL emerged from RAQQA.
With their destruction and the release of the DEIR EZ-ZOR completed the defeat of the main forces of the ISIL terrorists and eliminate their last stronghold on the Syrian land.
The actions of the Russian Federation to ensure ceasefire on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic has stabilised the situation in the Central and southern parts of the country.
For the last three months 649 signed agreements on cessation of hostilities. The total number of reconciled settlements reached two thousand two hundred seven.

297 carried out humanitarian actions in which the civilian population received more than 274 tons of food and necessities.
Doctors hospital of Ministry of defense of Russia for medical assistance provided to more than forty-six thousands of civilians.
Russian transport aircraft population surrounded by ISIS of the city of DEIR-EZ-ZOR since early August, delivered the three hundred and seventy-six tons of food through the United Nations.

Successfully operated three zones of de-escalation in the South — West of Syria in the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra and as-Suwayda, in the Damascus suburb of Eastern ghouta and North of the city of HOMS.
In order to monitor compliance with the terms of the cease of hostilities by all parties to the conflict the military police units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the areas of de-escalation exhibited six checkpoints and 17 observation points. With the introduction of units of the Russian military police number of breaches of the cessation of hostilities in zones of de-escalation with twenty or thirty reduced to three or four per day.
In addition, in accordance with previous agreements between the Russian Federation, United States and Jordan on August 23 of this year in Amman began the work of the joint monitoring centre, whose tasks include monitoring compliance with the cessation of hostilities, unimpeded humanitarian access and medical aid to the population in the southern zone of de-escalation.
With the participation of Russian troops secured the passage in the zone of de-escalation 14 humanitarian convoys of the UN and the International Committee of the red cross.
Population delivered food, medicines, daily necessities.

Government forces backed by the Russian space forces and the help of Russian military advisers are doing on Syrian soil as quickly as possible peace, refraining from unnecessary violence and saving lives. The operation to destroy the militants of the terrorist groups ISIS and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” in Syria will continue until their complete elimination. zinc



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