The Pacification of the Rastan Boiler | Colonel Cassad


DGS3W-NUMAAbEiT.jpg large.jpeg

Representatives of the defense Ministry and representatives of the “moderate militants” concluded an agreement in Cairo on the cessation of hostilities the Rastan boiler to the North of HOMS.

Main points:

1. The fighting along the perimeter of the boiler shall be terminated 12 hours on 3 August.

2. The Militants pledge to expel from its territory all the fighters associated with ISIL and “Al-Nusra”.

3. Russian military police will ensure the seperation of Syrian troops and militants.

4. The rebels will unlock the route of HOMS-Hama.

5. Inside the Rastan boiler they will start working on national reconciliation and the restoration of infrastructure, educational institutions and authorities.


The agreement also means that the gunmen actually stop the attack in the direction of the route of HOMS-Salaam, which created some difficulties for the Syrian army forced to take into account when planning operations, the threat to their communications.

Overall, it remains to wait how the fighters will perform its obligations.

For SAA and Russia, a cessation of hostilities around the perimeter of the boiler, will facilitate the development of operations in Eastern Hama and HOMS in the East, and unlock the road of HOMS-Hama facilitate humanitarian situation in the North-Central province of Hama.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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