Dugin’s Guideline – The Inauguration Of Donald Trump

Against all odds and in defiance of rational conviction of the impossibility though something to change in the structures of the American Swamp – probably, in pure Russian with hope for the impossible and did not deserve a miracle, as throughout the election campaign saying: “In Trump we trust”. Come on, Donald, do them all. You can do this.

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Expect More dangerous and unprecedented conflict After Trump Takes Office | Valdai

As a presidential candidate Donald Trump repudiated the most sacred principles of Atlanticism. Rejecting the expansive policies and idealist rhetoric of the post-Cold War era, he declared his intention to re-cast U.S.-Russia relations on the basis of cooperation in the war against terror, to abandon debilitating policies of regime change (“Our goal is stability, not chaos”), and to consider lifting sanctions in return for a nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia.

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Dugin’s Guideline: President Donald Trump

In the following month, the US drama will continue. The forces of evil suffered a huge defeat. Although it all depends now on the distribution of audience preferences. The liberals and the globalists around the world clearly empathize with the losing side. If anything happens to Trump, they’ll be happy. That’s right: Trump has revealed the Manichean dualism of modern civilization. It actually has two camps – supporters of the Swamp world, the globalists, the last representatives of a totalitarian ideology of Modernity, extremist liberalism, and … everything else. All the others are going gradually under the banner of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. All the others really want the draining of Swamps, eliminating liberal globalist elites and a completely new course – this time both conservative and free.

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