The Kurdish problem | Colonel Cassad

Overall, we continue to see Turkey in the context of the ongoing Syrian war and is trying to solve their problem with the Kurds. With one hand she reaches tactical or operational results, but in the long-term trend of Turkey is still unfavorable – killing Kurds in his and Syria Turkey however forced to watch as Kurdish-controlled territory in Northern Syria, is expanding, and not just the connivance and with the support of the United States.The attack on the Manbij leads to the fact that the Kurds will increase the controlled territory near the border with Turkey and close to located on the West of the Canton of Afrin. The destruction of Nusaybin and the loss of the Kurds in Aleppo, this is unlikely to stop, so Turkey will probably have to seek other methods to put a spoke in the wheel of the Syrian Kurds so that to stop their activity and definitively not to quarrel with the United States.

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