The MI-28 at work | Colonel Cassad

It is worth noting that in the South of Aleppo there are already units of the Iranian airborne brigade, was recorded movement of Russian heavy artillery systems and MLRS to Aleppo, which is a clear allusion to the coming offensive. Al-Mallaha SAA and Hezbollah already probed the positions of the militants, but it is mostly reconnaissance – the decisive battles of the next stage of the war for Aleppo are yet to come.

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As Russia’s Tactical Jets Leave Syria, Its Most Advanced Attack Helicopters Arrive | Foxtrot Alpha

Throughout Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict it has utilized advanced derivatives of the venerable Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. This is primarily the Mi-24P model. The Kremlin decided to keep its much more advanced Mi-28 Havoc and Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters at home for the conflict. But now these helicopters have finally shown up.

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