The FSB Purge: Two Narratives | Emptywheel

What has also gone unmentioned is that at a time when Russia and the US would be staring each other down on a “cyber” battlefield, Putin just apparently took out a number of the key players in that field. No one has mentioned that, but even if these guys were working both sides in a manner that brought value to Putin, having them removed may leave holes in Russia’s cyber offense for the near future.

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The relations of the arrested officers of the FSB with the CIA |

The hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” at different times sold or self-published correspondence of the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy head of Department on internal policy of presidential administration of Russia Timur Prokopenko and chief editor of the Life channel Aram Gabrelyanov. “Humpty Dumpty” also reported that hackers from the group Fancy Bear that in published data on taking doping athletes from a compromised database world anti-doping Agency (WADA) are related to GRU, the Russian defense Ministry.

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Getting rid of Kerry | Colonel Cassad

He is known for active measures with the Russian company “Rosneft” according to some, direct negotiations between Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin facilitated the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of several major projects (in particular, drilling in the Russian Arctic shelf). He was awarded the Russian order of Friendship.

Tillerson does not consider sanctions against Moscow an efficient tool and supports the reduction of the role of restrictive measures in American foreign policy. Tillerson’s candidacy should be approved by the Senate. The assurances of the lawmakers, although the process will not be easy — many of them are concerned about “ties with Russia.”

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600 Russian ground troops land in Syria | Gulf NEWS

Over the past 48-hours, six hundred Russian special forces have landed at the Hmaymeem Airbase on the Syrian coast and been transferred to Al Safira, a city in the Aleppo governorate strategically located on the Damascus-Aleppo Highway. From there they will be placed along the Castello Road, formerly the main lifeline for the Syrian Opposition from Turkey, helping channel arms, money, and food to Turkish-backed militants in eastern Aleppo.

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How could Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia materialize? | Katehon

It becomes increasingly clear that the US has dramatically blundered in relation to Turkey, and to avoid repeating the events of July 15, 2016, Erdogan was forced toward a rapprochement with Russia. This does not mean that Turkey will immediately exit from NATO, but that Erdogan will benefit from the information offered by the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) and the military intelligence GRU, to annihilate any attempted coup planned by the US and its allies. During the military coup in Turkey, a Turkish satellite center was hit by attack pro-coup helicopters, simultaneously a major world power jammed Turkish satellites. Turkish sources say that Russia would immediately offer to Erdogan, unlimited access to its network of military satellites to be able to command troops, while remaining faithful to exchange information within the MIT (Turkish intelligence service).

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Putin’s Secret Force Multiplier: Special Operations Forces | Roger McDermott

The level of air power Russia deploys and uses in Syria depends on the success of its military advisors in conducting the intense train-and-equip program for the SAA. Some of these advisors are personnel belonging to Russia’s most secretive military organization: the Special Operations Forces Command (Komandovaniye Sil Spetsial’nykh Operatsiy—KSSO). These forces are acclaimed for their roles in seizing Crimea and, more recently, for their involvement in operations in Syria. They constitute an important force multiplier in the Kremlin’s efforts to apply small numbers of military personnel and assets to achieve maximum impact toward political-military objectives

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