The Syrian Arab Army (2) | Oryx Blog

With the Syrian Ministry of Defense finally having embraced 21st century media technology, it now regularly uploads high-definition images on both its official website and twitter account. Despite this ‘giant’ leap forward, the Syrian MoD still only communicates to the outside world in Arabic, thereby excluding a large audience that could otherwise be interested in reading or viewing the MoD’s statements on ongoing battles in the Syrian theatre. Nonetheless, the images published provide for a perfect opportunity for another ‘Photo Report’.

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T-90 vs. TOW. The second series | Colonel Cassad

The Tank was struck about 2.5 kilometers away from Khan-Mist, which recently the militants recaptured from the SAA.

To assess the consequences for the machine, of course it would be nice to see pictures up close as it was with the previous case with T-90 (where damage was insignificant), or with the Turkish M-60. The key question was whether or pierced body all limited to external damage.

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The main striking force in Syria has become helicopters

The media reported the recent deployment to Syria of attack helicopters Ka-52 alligator and Mi-28N “Night hunter”. This is a good addition to the squadron (12 attack helicopters Mi-24, Mi-35 and Mi-8), which is already in force in Syria since the beginning of the operation. Our newest helicopters can operate effectively in both day and night. And here, of course, important not only their tactical and technical characteristics, but also flying skills of the crews that operate them. Unlike Americans of our helicopter pilots are taught to act under conditions of limited nighttime visibility.And equal to them in airmanship, there is no one in the world. It’s no coincidence that in the UN peacekeeping mission, it was the Russian helicopter air group invited most often.

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Russia’s First Post-Syria Move: Stronger T-72 Battle Tanks | Dave Majumdar

While the world has been focused on Russia’s air campaign in Syria, Moscow continues its military modernization closer to home. The Kremlin is planning on modernizing one hundred and fifty additional Soviet-era T-72B main battle tanks to the T-72B3M standard. The upgraded vehicles would offer performance comparable to the much more modern T-90, but for a fraction of the price.

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Main threats to Russia’s T-90 in Syria | Viktor Murakhovsky

What is actually seen on the online video of the T-90 being hit? We see a 1992 T-90 tank with a cast tower. Its production year is apparent because it has the Shtora opto-electronic suppression system (projectors visible on both sides of the cannon) and by the shape of the gunner’s hatch. The tank is equipped with the Contact-5 dynamic defence system and is covered with composite armour protection with reflecting plates. We see that as the left “jaw” was hit by the TOW-2A missile the dynamic defence was activated and it appears that the main armour was not penetrated.

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