Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad


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Sidorenko laid out a large pack of photographs from central and southern Syria, some of which in some form or another showed our boys.

Fashionable helmet.

Combat drilled” on vacation.

This photo is in desperate need of the cap, the bear and the PPS. – the link still a lot of pictures (attack in Sweida, 1-Panzer division, “Liwa al-Quds”, the national defense forces, district of Palmyra, etc.)

In Short, the fronts:

1. In Sweida, the SAA overcame a significant chunk of territory from “green”. In the network rumors that the United States allegedly want to withdraw its troops from Al-TANF.

2. The attack on Akerbat goes with varying degrees of success – returned part of the previously lost during the counterattack “black” positions and continue to press on the front of the militants, who skillfully prevent the onset of the Syrians.

3. Successfully launched an offensive “Tigers” in the area of Resafa liberated several villages and significant areas to the South and South-East of Resafa.

4. In East Huta continued inconclusive fighting in residential and industrial buildings. The difficulties of fighting in the illustrative material

5. Kurds in full feeds blood in raqqa in recent days there killed dozens of people and 2 volunteers from the United States. It was also announced yesterday about putting American troops in Raqqa itself.

Plus a good movie about the 4th armored division of the SAA, which not so long ago were deployed in Deraa, where he participated in the not-too-successful attack.



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