Alexander Dugin: Settlement of the Karabakh conflict unprofitable for the globalist elite

In my opinion, the decision on the five regions gives us a partial solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. And the resolution of the Karabakh problem strengthens the positions of states, and not only Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, but also Turkey, creates a system for a balanced and balanced model of geopolitical stability and security in the South Caucasus, and accordingly, freedom of action for “chaos sellers” is reduced. That is, in fact, the model of geopolitical coexistence between Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Iran is disadvantageous only to those who are not on this list. We, as neighbors, can not get anywhere from each other. And we will always live in the same space

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Dugin: Eurasianism is much broader than the model that is now being implemented

On the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, as well as the settlement of the Karabakh conflict and relations between Turkey and Russia, Russian public figure, philosopher, political scientist, sociologist Alexander Dugin told in his exclusive interview with yenicag.yu.

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Alexander Dugin: Azerbaijan in the New Geopolitical Picture of the Caucasus

Two geopolitical strategies – the Eurasian and the Atlantic – in relation to the Caucasus are mutually exclusive . Here, as in chess, you can not play both “for whites” and “for blacks . ” Therefore, the republics of the South Caucasus have a certain freedom of choice. It is quite obvious that none of them has sufficient geopolitical potential to pretend to play in the new conditions – the rules of the game are determined knowingly, and it is possible to choose only a camp and complicity in a particular strategy. This is the moment of geopolitical freedom in strictly defined frames .

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“Lavrov plan” is realistic and it needs to materialize | ALEXANDER DUGIN

I think Lavrov’s program is the most realistic and important to implement: Lavrov, the program assumes a final person, the status quo legal consolidation of Armenia, Karabakh and surrounding areas of return instead after This situation is resolved all points of view, and we enter into long-term stability and the world stage: It works only against America, and the rest are local and regional problems, actually obey it. If Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh authorities will act within the framework of peace-building in the spirit I believe it possible that in the near future we can normalize the situation, although I do not rule out a few bursts

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Sarkisian Says Armenia Ready to Implement Karabakh Agreements

fter meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at the Kremlin, President Serzh Sarkisian said Armenia is ready to implement agreements reached for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution.

Sarkisian emphasized the importance of the implementing previous agreements reached on the Karabakh conflict resolution, saying: “It is very important to implement the agreements reached; we are ready for this, reported the Russian TASS news agency.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Axis Moscow-Baku-Tehran

It is very important that the eyes improve relations Russia and Iran with Azerbaijan, although earlier in this complicated geopolitical configuration was a lot of problems. First of all, due to the fact that both Russia and Iran have traditionally close relations with Armenia, which is the regional enemy of Azerbaijan. The Karabakh problem complicates the situation.But lately, between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan was reached mutual understanding on Karabakh problem: all agree that the first step to its solution must be the return of five adjacent to Karabakh, occupied by Armenians during the escalation of the Karabakh war. This will support both Moscow and Tehran. When they come under the control of Baku, opens the possibility of admission of Azerbaijan to the EEU and the CSTO.

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