The battle of Taybat-al-Imam | Colonel Cassad

Fierce fighting continues in the area Halfaya. Syrian sources say the build-up of intense artillery fire from the SAA in the direction of Lataminah may indicate the seriousness the intention to eliminate the Lataminah bulge. Entrenched in Taybat al-Imam, SAA gets the opportunity to move in the direction of Lataminah actually going to the flank and rear of the group of militants holding the front in the area Halfaya. It is not excluded that with this growing threat, the militants are likely to lose Halfaya within a week and be forced to move to back to Lataminah, and the SAA in turn, moving from Taybat al-Imam and Souran, can create a threat to Morek, moving along the road toward Khan Shaykhun.

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Geopolitics and geostrategy | Anastasia Kovaleva

The geopolitical strategy, which is the way to implement geopolitical interests, is instrumental and follows from the geopolitical vector determined by the geopolitical code – the system of political relations of the state with the outside world: “Includes state interests, identification of external threats and technology for their elimination or neutralization.” The geopolitical code is a historically formed matrix, formed from the past to the present, taking into account many factors influencing the interests of the given state.

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Priority of the geocultural method in the situation of post-politics | Andrey Nikiforov

Financial and economic globalization is already in the past. The next act of world drama is the construction of a global electronic concentration camp. And for people from Silicon Valley, David Rockefeller is a dinosaur of the twentieth century. The dinosaur did its work and quietly went into oblivion. The greedy dinosaurs of financial capitalism and financial globalization are being replaced by even greedy and aggressive jackals of the digital world.

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USA and the syndrome of great-power autism | Leonid Savin

Of course, Trump’s critics in the United States, who have been no less numerous since last year’s election campaign, are overly focused on the new president’s personality, while the problem of America’s international behavior is much deeper. Great-power autism in American foreign policy is supported by the preaching of the United States exclusivity, the missionary complex of spreading this democracy around the world, the quasi-religious doctrine of “predetermined destiny” (Manifest Destiny) , the ideology of atlantism and many others.

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LogoPhere’s Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being Spoofed by False-Flag Sarin Attacks

Now that things have started to calm down a bit after Donald T. Dildo dropped a load of Tomahawks on Syria last week, a lot of us can resume pushing back against the insufferable idiots and anti-Assad liars in government, MSM, and cyberspace who are trying to pin yet another false-flag “sarin attack” on Bashar al-Assad in order to justify taking him out. Following my insistence that there was no “sarin attack” at Khan Sheikhoun a lot of people are asking: “How can we know it wasn’t sarin?”

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Loss and victory | Colonel Cassad

In Syria in the militant attack on the military garrison of government troops killed a Russian military adviser to Sergei Burgundy. This was announced by the defense Ministry.

As told in Department, he was part of a group of Russian military advisers and carried out tasks for the preparation of one of the units of the Syrian forces.
“During the attack the militants, a Russian officer organized actions of Syrian troops, not allowing a breakthrough of terrorists in the residential town of”, — noted in the defense Ministry.

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Only Chlorine, Not Sarin, Involved In The Khan Sheikhun Incident | MOA

The medical and technical evidence is not consistent with a sarin attack by the Syrian government. All of the videos and pictures of the incident were taken in al-Qaeda controlled territory. All witnesses were under al-Qaeda control. How much of the incident was staged for videos (see al-Qaeda doctor video linked above) or how many of the witnesses were told to lie is not testable under current circumstance. The Syrian government insist that it has given up all its chemical weapons. The Russian government also asserts that no chemical weapon attack took place.

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