Hama. 23.03.2017 | Colonel Cassad

Both sides suffer heavy losses, according to rough estimates, only in March 22, SAA and the rebels lost a few dozen people killed. As trophies, the militants seized several guns and antiaircraft guns, cars, ammo and at least 1 BMP. The Syrians also lost 2 to 4 tanks. The militants during the fighting have lost several trucks and at least 1 tank.

Fighters it shot prisoners and civilians in captured villages who collaborated with the Assad government (it is reported that yesterday were executed between 25 and 35 civilians). FSI Russian and Syrian air force cause constant air strikes on the advancing militants, but in order for this impact to take effect, it will take some time.

The front at the moment has not yet stabilized, so the resolution of the crisis has yet to be achieved. The opponent owns a fully operational initiative.

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The battle for Bza’ah | Colonel Cassad

At this stage, the neck of al-Bab boiler is about 5 kilometers. During 5-6 February, it may already be taken under fire control by the Turks and the Syrians, after that disaster for the al-bab groups of the Caliphate will only be a matter of time. So I think the next few days will be decisive, and this is reflected in a sharp increase in the intensity of the fighting.

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Splits | Colonel Cassad

We must understand that in the near future the life in the province of Idlib will be very “exciting”. For example, Idlib will be in the local version to see what would happen with the whole Syria in case if Assad was overthrown and these characters came to power. Considering the sides of the war within Idlib, you can only wish every success to self-destruction.

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The civil war in Idlib | Colonel Cassad

More than 10,000 fighters from various factions in Idlib, and West of Aleppo joined the “Ahrar al-sham”, which thus becomes the 2nd largest jihadist group in Syria after the “Al-Nusra” and a kind of informal leader of the “green” militants in Idlib (although the talks will continue to be dominated by the representatives of the Syrian Free Army). Uniting around “Ahrar al-sham” caused by ongoing fighting between the militants in Idlib, and West of Aleppo. In fact, the “Ahrar al-sham” intended to be the center of gravity of the forces that are at war with “Al-Nusra”. There are now flocking primarily those jihadists who believe “al-Nusra” too radical or unpromising (in the light of the international situation), but are not willing to negotiate with Assad.

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Division | Colonel Cassad

They all seek at least partial political subjectivity and do not want to abandon the goals associated with the creation of the territory of the Syrian state is built on the principles of Sharia.Their dispute with the “Al-Nusra” or “Jund al-Aqsa” is largely not ideological, but methodological. Their ultimate goals are in tune. Therefore, there are difficulties to put all this “green” in the same category at the negotiating table because some people are actually always willing to do the will of foreign masters, and others are considering similar hosts and sponsors as a means to an end, where the preservation of a secular, multi-cultural Syria among the priorities not listed.

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The militants launched an offensive on Aleppo | Colonel Cassad

More than a month after the statement that “al-Nusra” wantd to repeat the attack to break the siege of Aleppo, this morning the militants finally struck it. The main blow is stupid, straight towards the military Academy al-Assad to the North of Hamadei that the militants could not take before, when things were at Aleppo for them was much better than now.

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