The crisis over DFS

The negotiations on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from DFS this morning to no avail, which gave rise to the Donetsk re-tighten dull mantra about “violation of the Minsk agreements”. However, for lunch they had come to an agreement about the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from most of the DFS while the junta still did not miss the opportunity for a few to advance their positions in the “gray area” to the DFS, which again led to the reading dull mantras about “violation of the Minsk agreements”.

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“Givi”. Interim results | Colonel Cassad

Stated investigative measures concerning alleged killers, at the moment, no concrete results have not given. On scene investigations are continuing.

Basic version of the incident: a RPO “Shmel” was shot into the office of “Givi”. The killer knew when “Givi” is in the office, that is, were followed by direct observation (including on-site location), had a plan of approach and departure from the protected area.

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The fighting near Donetsk. 03.02.2017. Evening. | Colonel Cassad

In General, the intensity of the situation diminished, but the tension persists and the parties can easily intensify the attacks as a long-term diplomatic constraints to this do not exist. In the current economy mode, these fights and the attacks can continue for several weeks. Shells is enough, and BCH and APU (the problem as a maximum will occur with heavy missiles for the MLRS). As the parties continue to scare each other offensive, as if trying to give the initiative a first strike by the opponents, but for the reasons stated previously, no one wants to go first.

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The Silent weapons of the DNR Special Forces | ARES Blog

This particular weapon appears to be a derivative of a submachine gun produced in the early 1990s at the Zavod Arsenal plant in Kiev, and is possibly a continuation of this production by separatist forces. The weapon can be seen fielded by a separatist fighter with the suppressor and wire stock removed. A smaller submachine gun which is also shown appears to incorporate an integrally-suppressed barrel unit. Such a configuration reduces overall length whilst still incorporating a suppressor of a useful and effective size.

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The Russian Tom Clancy Is on the Front Lines for Real | The New Yorker

In early 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea, pro-Russia separatists in the north of Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s backing, seized parts of the border area near Donetsk. After those rebels were blamed for shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet flying over eastern Ukraine that summer, President Obama convinced Europe to impose economic sanctions, which have devastated the Russian economy. Putin also withdrew many of the Russian military advisers, allowing local fighters to assume high-ranking positions in the leadership.

One of those local fighters, Fyodor Berezin, became the deputy defense minister of what the rebels call the Donetsk People’s Republic, and now trains new recruits in tank artillery. Berezin is an unlikely leader in any war: before all this took place, he was known as a sci-fi novelist in the genre of “historical fantasy.” Readers may be familiar with the American version of this style of writing, which includes books about, for instance, how the outcome of the Civil War might have changed if Robert E. Lee had machine guns. Berezin’s novels typically involve heroic struggles between an imaginary U.S.S.R. spreading triumphant Communism all over the world while kicking around a weakened and marginalized U.S.A.

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