Hatchet job: Debriefing on the results of the US strike on Syria

April 7 at 1:40 UTC (4:40 local time), the United States launched a missile attack on air base al-Sirat . The attack was carried out in response to the chemical attack that took place on 4 April in the city of Khan Sheikhoun that resulted in large civilian casualties, the responsibility for which, without any international investigation, it was hastily imposed on the government forces of Syria. A missile attack was caused by two destroyers of the U.S. Navy: USS Ross (DDG-71) and USS Porter (DDG-78) from the Mediterranean sea, 60-d missiles “Tomahawk”

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Evacuation in Qalamoun | Colonel Cassad

At the fronts no significant change.

1. Near Palmyra the SAA had some tactical successes to the North and North-West of the city.

2. In the Northern Hama heavy fighting continues in the area of Tabiat al-Imam. To take the city still failed armored group “al-Nusra” had made several counterattacks. Both sides suffer significant losses.

3. The advance of SAA in Western Aleppo so far, the major result has not happened. The militants hindered the encircled area Aritana and repel the attacks of the SAA and “Hezbollah” to the South-West of the city.

4. In the kabun (Damascus) and the southwest districts of Deraa continued hard street fighting. Judging by the photos – both sides also bear substantial losses in manpower.

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Alexander Dugin: Have we lost half our conscience?

I’m forbidden to appear on some channels, on some programs. I’m doing it a little now. But here, due to the fact that I refuse to glorify this ingeniously clever plan, it is ugliness, to praise it as the great wisdom of all times and peoples. Ugliness is ugliness! And, criminal, bloody, dishonest ugliness. When I say this, they tell me that I rock the boat. And I speak the truth and do not swing anything. I am a supporter of Putin, Russia, and it’s hard to suspect me otherwise. But when they show the horse and say “this is a cat”, I still say – no, this is not a cat. With all the wild love for Putin – no.

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Bannon Down, Pentagon Up, Neocons In? | Jim Lobe

The apparent and surprisingly abrupt demise in Steve Bannon’s influence offers a major potential opening for neoconservatives, many of whom opposed Trump’s election precisely because of his association with Bannon and the “America Firsters,” to return to power after so many years of being relegated to the sidelines. Bannon’s decline suggest that he no longer wields the kind of veto power that prevented the nomination of Elliott Abrams as deputy secretary of state. Moreover, the administration’s ongoing failure to fill key posts at the undersecretary, assistant secretary, and deputy assistant secretary levels across the government’s foreign-policy apparatus provides a veritable cornucopia of opportunities for aspiring neocons who didn’t express their opposition to the Trump campaign too loudly.

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