Is the KGB coming back? | Katehon

The creation of parallel power structures in the history of Russian statehood has always been associated with the struggle of the state’s leaders against the elites, who are opposed to the rulers and their attempts to strengthen the country. This is why Ivan the Terrible created the Oprichnina – Peter the Great – Guard Regiments, and Nicholas I – a separate body of gendarmes. In addition, these structures traditionally acted as a mechanism to forcibly “rotate the elites”, a renewal of the ruling class.

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The FSB Purge: Two Narratives | Emptywheel

What has also gone unmentioned is that at a time when Russia and the US would be staring each other down on a “cyber” battlefield, Putin just apparently took out a number of the key players in that field. No one has mentioned that, but even if these guys were working both sides in a manner that brought value to Putin, having them removed may leave holes in Russia’s cyber offense for the near future.

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Russian Lawyer Says FSB Officers, Kaspersky Manager Charged With Treason |

Ivan Pavlov, who is representing one of the detainees, told RFE/RL in a phone interview on February 1 that more than three people had been detained in the case. He refused to identify his client or whether his client was an employee of the FSB.

Pavlov told RFE/RL the individuals were suspected of passing on classified information to U.S. intelligence, but not necessarily the CIA.

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