The defeat of ISIS at Resafa | Colonel Cassad

Uplifting video dedicated to Resafa offensive and the liberation of neighboring villages. Starts with the progress in the desert South of Tabqa and ends with the hoisting of the Syrian flag on the ruins of the ancient Roman wall in Resafa. Main feature video demonstration of a large number of destroyed and damaged tanks of the Caliphate, broken down trailers, abandoned guns and other goods.

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Failure in Daraa | Colonel Cassad

Today after the artillery barrage and the new airstrikes, the assault team went on the attack and initially achieved considerable success, capturing a military base West of Daraa, upon which to conduct operations towards the Syrian-Jordanian border, which threatened to jeopardize the supply of fighters in Daraa.

Militants carried out a competent regrouping, repelled the attack of the SAA in the city counterattacked and captured SAA base, knocking out the soldiers who were forced to withdraw to their original positions.

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