Dugin’s Guideline – The Tu-154

The people who flew on the Tu-154, went not to the resort. They certainly understood that it is not tourism and not easy pleasant journey. They were suffering in Aleppo, where I still have them the horrors of war, where the corners of each house blood on the streets and mine extensions.

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The flaps | Colonel Cassad

The plane Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense, according to preliminary data, crashed due to “stalling” when there is insufficient for takeoff, the lift of the wing, said “Interfax” a source in the operational headquarters on the spot. “According to preliminary data, the flaps failed to work properly, as a result of their absence from the lifting force is lost, speed was not sufficient to climb, and the plane fell,” said the source on Tuesday. According to him, is not yet established the reason why the flaps could work nonstandard.

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