Russia officially recognized passport of the DPR and LPR | Colonel Cassad

Given the fact that the Minsk agreement obviously will not be fulfilled (which is today actually recognized Merkel), this is actually the first step to the recognition of the republics.

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Bolotov could have been poisoned | Colonel Cassad

On Tuesday, January 31, in Moscow to bid farewell to the first head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Valery Bolotov, who died unexpectedly late last week. His widow just before the funeral said that one of the leaders of Donbas militia could be poisoned during a business meeting.Bolotov was found with two men in a cafe “Red car” in the building of the Ice Palace of CSKA, according to Life, citing Valery Bolotov. According to the woman, her husband fell ill soon after returning home.

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