The project of the West has failed | Colonel Cassad

Tyrion Lannister


Assad has made a number of policy statements on the current situation in the Syrian war and the prospects for settlement in Syria.

1. Syria has paid in this war a huge price, but this price made it possible to thwart the plans of the West in Syria and the world. The war is far from over and the victory in the war will announce when the time is right.

2. Syria is grateful to Russia, Iran and “Hezbollah” that helped Damascus to tip the scales in their favor. Syria is grateful to Russia for helping VKS RF, for the supply of arms and loss of Russian military lives.

3. Syria does not trust Turkey and has not forgotten about the role of “political beggar,” erdoğan of supporting terrorism in Syria. According to Assad, Erdogan tried to subdue Syria through the “Muslim Brothers”, but this project failed.

4. Syria will not negotiate associated with attempts to isolate from its territory any pieces of territory. Russia and Iran are quite happy with Assad as guarantors of a settlement. Assad is not interested in Turkey as guarantor.

5. Syria ready to talk with Western countries if they stop supporting terrorism in Syria and stop attempts to dismember it.

6. Syria will remain committed to the principles of a secular state, with freedom of religion and equal approach to the Arab and not Arab citizens.

7. Syria will continue to fight the Israeli occupation of the Golan heights, and will continue unconditional support for a Palestinian state and the Palestinians.

8. Syria does not believe that is in a state of isolation and at the expense of existing friends, she will be able to ensure its territorial integrity, not allowing a military or diplomatic means to take away her territory under any pretext.

9. Syria and its allies would continue to fight terrorism until the final victory. Resolution processes as before will allow “moderate” to lay down their arms, to receive Amnesty and return to normal life.

Overall it was a pretty clear statement, outlining the current official position of Syria on the key issues and clearly shows that Assad now speaks from a position of strength, as compared with Dec 2015, when it was the militants who had spoke from a position of strength, over time has changed dramatically. Assad understands to whom he owes his success and does not tire to remind about it. Turkey is much less diplomatic than do Russia and Iran, he considers a fellow traveler of the Russian-Iranian coalition. It is worth remembering that in addition to the participation of Turkey supporting terrorism in Syria, Erdogan with Assad the deep personal conflict that is not easily resolved in the course of unofficial consultations between the military and intelligence agencies. Otherwise, Assad once again gave to understand that he is not going away, and the principles of inter-Syrian settlement remain unchanged. Who will take them – well, one will – with the will to fight. USA obviously will be squeezed out from the territory of Syria, as before the hands reach. The Kurds of course with this approach, no Kurdistan does not Shine as an attempt to secede from Syria will mean war with Damascus with all the consequences.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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