Islam against Islam | Alexander Dugin

The Islamic world is far from homogeneous. There are a few geopolitical units, each of which relies on distinct historical, religious, cultural and civilizational trends, conducting independent strategic line both globally and locally. In addition to fundamentalism in Islam, there are many other versions and trends. But more importantly for the concept of “Islamic fundamentalism” is somewhat not just different, but contradictory trends. Not realizing this, we will not be able to adequately understand or sense what is happening today crisis events in Chechnya and Dagestan (also in the North Caucasus and the looming disaster in other areas with the Muslim population on the territory of the Russian Federation), or what is happening in the Islamic world as a whole.

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Islamophobes are the Useful Idiots of Radical Islam | Alain de Benoist

The Islamophobes are the useful idiots of radical Islamism. In the epoch of the Algerian War, that I knew, we didn’t complain that the Harkis [Algerian volunteers who fought in the French Army-Ed.] were Muslims, and we were not astonished that they had mosques in the French provinces of Alger, Oran, and Constantine. For my part, I will not give the Islamist terrorists the gift of becoming an Islamophobe. And I will not harbor phantasms of the ‘Muslim France’, as Drumont harboured phantasms of a Jewish France (1885), by mechanically associating Islam and terror like others once associated the Jews and money.

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