Chronicle of the ant trail | Colonel Cassad

I have had a great desire to cover the whole battle in Aleppo, the mother (well, in a sense, the mother of all battles), but its significant geographical coverage and temporal duration make this virtually impossible in a single series. At the same time, didn’t want to crumple material for the sake of compactness of presentation. So I planned to make some small essays on the various parcels that could subsequently be folded the whole picture.Was selected a small area initially, it seemed that for him, hardly able to collect more or less coherent plot, but in the course of training began to accumulate more and more material. Well, what eventually happened, they learn not only all, but only the most persistent…

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Aleppo in past 24 hours: Syrian army deploys around Lake Assad | Abna24

A field source said that the army has now reached Lake Assad, and added that at present, the terrorists have been besieged by the Syrian soldiers from the Northern, Western and Eastern sides of the first station of the water treatment and pumping facilities.

Meantime, the army forces are preparing to purge the terrorists of the two towns of Rasm al-Harmal al-Kabir and Rasm al-Harmal al-Saqir in the Northern parts of the water station.

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Syrian buffer for Erdogan | Colonel Cassad

Erdogan was not impressed by the demonstration of us special forces in the area Manbij. As a consequence, the Kurds played a different card. The representatives of the SDF invited the SAA to take a large piece of territory between Turks and Manbij, forming a kind of buffer zone, which will cover Manbij from the West, as Erdogan obviously does not want to go to war with Syria and its allies.

In General, we are seeing the active phase of the process of redistribution of spheres of influence in Northern Syria.

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Tadif taken | Colonel Cassad

Thus, without high-profile victories, the SAA during the offensive North of Aleppo has freed more than 500 square kilometers of territory of the province. This is a logical consequence of a delayed victory in the “Mother of all battles”, as the release of a large number of troops, allowed the SAA more confidence to conduct offensive operations against the Caliphate, using a partial truce with the “green”. While maintaining the ceasefire regime and the implementation by Turkey of its obligations, the SAA in the coming months will greatly expand the monitoring area to the East of Aleppo and will be able to finally solve an old problem with the safety of the route Khanasser-Aleppo.

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Hybrid strategy of Iran | Colonel Cassad

There was quite a remarkable report focuses on the updated hybrid strategy of Iran in the Syrian war. This topic is quite narrowly covered in the media, and interested Americans to demonize Iran itself is quite clear, given the fact that the new White House administration has already identified Iran among the main opponents of the US in the region. However, the report has many interesting points.

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