ISIS driven from Aleppo and encircled by Syrian Arab Army

Militant fighters of the Islamic State group (ISIS) have withdrawn from Aleppo province amidst advance by Syrian government’s army forces, local sources reported on Friday.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – led by the elite Tiger Forces – has expanded its zone of control over the entire Ethiryah-Rusafa highway and de facto besieged any ISIS forces that may have not yet retreated from the region of Khanasser.

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Syrian Kurds send military reinforcements to Aleppo | ARANEWS

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and allied factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have brought military reinforcements to the northern countryside of Aleppo province to impede the Turkish progress towards Afrin district, military sources reported on Wednesday.

“The YPG and SDF today deployed more forces and armoured vehicles in northern Aleppo,” a YPG officer told ARA News.

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Afrin – On the brink of an invasion | Colonel Cassad

In the evening, reports appeared (mostly on pro-Turkish resources) that Russia allegedly relinquished military police forces from Afrin in those areas where the invasion of the Turkish army and the militants controlled by it can be started, and in the canton there are supposedly only 14 personnel.

According to other sources, including and in Afrin, the Russian contingent is still in Kafr Jana. No Official confirmations or denials of this yet. Over Afrin a Russian spy plane has been seen.

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Turkey launches offensive against the YPG in Syria

What lies ahead? For some time, Turkey has been moving troops and weapons to Kilis, which is located just north of Azaz-Mare – which is east of the YPG-controlled area of Afrin. Meanwhile, Idlib, where Turks and Russians are planning to enforce the de-conflicting zone, is south of Afrin. In other words, Turkey will have to prevent YPG attacks against Azaz-Mare and protect its troops stationed in Idlib by pacifying the YPG elements in Afrin. It remains to be seen whether the military build-up in Kilis is limited to the de-conflicting zone in Idlib or part of a broader plan involving Afrin.

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A raid on the Khanasser-Aleppo road | Colonel Cassad

Yesterday, the Caliphate launched a traditional raid on the Khanasser-Aleppo road. Mobile groups of fighters moving to the North from Itria were able to take a few half-backs and roadblocks, plunder some booty and short to reach the outskirts of the road. Traditionally, the militants were able to achieve tactical surprise. However, due to the insignificance of the forces that were involved in the RAID, unlike previous invasions, which created operational difficulties for Aleppo group of the SAA, the activity of the Caliphate is purely tactical in nature and does not change the overall bleak trend for them in the strategic situation East of Aleppo.

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Briefly on the Middle East | Colonel Cassad

In Northern Hama the front has stabilized. The militants went after the failures of mid-April, fell back to the area of Lataminah and Morek, which is reflected in the rate of advance of the SAA, which is now bogged down in battles for the towns South of Lataminah and South-East of Morek. If in these fights, SAA will be able to grind the main forces of the militants, before the Syrians will open good prospects associated with access to the Central regions of Idlib.

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The battle in Northern Hama. 24.04.2017 | Colonel Cassad

“Al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-sham” have actually burned their operating reserves in the April fighting and can only rely on fresh recruits from camps in Idlib, as well as a separate jihadist group from other groups. The main problem of fighters is that after the SAA broke through the main defensive line Halfaya-Tablet-al-Imam-Souran, the second line of defense near Lataminah and Morek, in fact is the key to the southern part of Idlib. In the continuation of the offensive of the SAA at the current pace, the consequences of the collapse of the defense of fighters in North Hama can capture and the neighboring parts of the front, particularly in the area Kerdasa and Maan that the favorable SAA for the development of the situation can lead to total collapse of the southern front rebels.

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The battle in Northern Hama. 22.04.2017 | Colonel Cassad

In the Northern Hama heavy fighting continues. SAA has taken Taybat al-Imam and repulsed the counterattacks of “Al-Nusra”, is developing an offensive in the direction of al latamina. The enemy in recent days suffered heavy losses here – according to various estimates from 40 to 60 killed, 6 armored vehicles and more than 10 carts. The district of al latamina subjected to severe bombing by the VKS of the Russian Federation and the Syrian air force, roads leading to city, covered by artillery.

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The completion of the operation “shield of the Euphrates” | Colonel Cassad

In General, the operation “shield of the Euphrates” despite some understatement, was a success in Turkey that the price is acceptable military and political losses, were able in practice to make a serious reversal of its policy and start correcting the mistakes that have produced Erdogan, in 2011-2016 years when persisting in their attempts to overthrow Assad at any cost, he put the Turkey and his own regime on the brink of disaster. Of course, this operation was coordinated with Russia and Iran – Turkey has allowed to achieve the above objectives, in exchange for the correction of its foreign policy in the region and the services needed for the capture of Aleppo and the release of a number of enclaves.

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Chronicle of the ant trail | Colonel Cassad

I have had a great desire to cover the whole battle in Aleppo, the mother (well, in a sense, the mother of all battles), but its significant geographical coverage and temporal duration make this virtually impossible in a single series. At the same time, didn’t want to crumple material for the sake of compactness of presentation. So I planned to make some small essays on the various parcels that could subsequently be folded the whole picture.Was selected a small area initially, it seemed that for him, hardly able to collect more or less coherent plot, but in the course of training began to accumulate more and more material. Well, what eventually happened, they learn not only all, but only the most persistent…

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Aleppo in past 24 hours: Syrian army deploys around Lake Assad | Abna24

A field source said that the army has now reached Lake Assad, and added that at present, the terrorists have been besieged by the Syrian soldiers from the Northern, Western and Eastern sides of the first station of the water treatment and pumping facilities.

Meantime, the army forces are preparing to purge the terrorists of the two towns of Rasm al-Harmal al-Kabir and Rasm al-Harmal al-Saqir in the Northern parts of the water station.

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Syrian buffer for Erdogan | Colonel Cassad

Erdogan was not impressed by the demonstration of us special forces in the area Manbij. As a consequence, the Kurds played a different card. The representatives of the SDF invited the SAA to take a large piece of territory between Turks and Manbij, forming a kind of buffer zone, which will cover Manbij from the West, as Erdogan obviously does not want to go to war with Syria and its allies.

In General, we are seeing the active phase of the process of redistribution of spheres of influence in Northern Syria.

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Tadif taken | Colonel Cassad

Thus, without high-profile victories, the SAA during the offensive North of Aleppo has freed more than 500 square kilometers of territory of the province. This is a logical consequence of a delayed victory in the “Mother of all battles”, as the release of a large number of troops, allowed the SAA more confidence to conduct offensive operations against the Caliphate, using a partial truce with the “green”. While maintaining the ceasefire regime and the implementation by Turkey of its obligations, the SAA in the coming months will greatly expand the monitoring area to the East of Aleppo and will be able to finally solve an old problem with the safety of the route Khanasser-Aleppo.

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Hybrid strategy of Iran | Colonel Cassad

There was quite a remarkable report focuses on the updated hybrid strategy of Iran in the Syrian war. This topic is quite narrowly covered in the media, and interested Americans to demonize Iran itself is quite clear, given the fact that the new White House administration has already identified Iran among the main opponents of the US in the region. However, the report has many interesting points.

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Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad

As expected, the “truce” in Syria was only partial on a number of fronts, the intensity of the fighting has decreased, on the other – the fighting continued. This reflects primarily the limited extent of Turkey’s influence on the conglomerate groups of the “moderate opposition”. Where the level of control and influence higher – there is the intensity of the fighting below. And Vice versa. Therefore, against the background of a partial ceasefire, continued fighting in Wadi Barada and East ghouta, the SAA and rebels accuse each other of disrupting the truce. There is in fact nothing new – exactly the same thing was observed in the framework of the us-Russian deal on Syria.

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