Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” |

The work of Alexander Andreevich Svechin “Strategy” was first published in 1926. And soon it was subjected to destructive criticism and was sent for a long time into oblivion, like all of Svechin’s work. But it stood the test of silence and subsequent negligence.

And today the “Strategy” remains a powerful source for the development of creative strategic thinking, despite the large, largely unforeseen, changes in the environment and content of human life, the well-being and security of which increasingly depend on the validity and implementation of appropriate strategies.

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Geopolitics of Perestroika and the Collapse of the USSR | Alexander Dugin

The disintegration of the USSR signified, from a geopolitical point of view, an event of colossal importance, affecting the entire structure of the global geopolitical map. According to its geopolitical features, the confrontation of the West and East, the capitalist camp and socialist one, with its core in the USSR, represented the peak of the deep process of the great war of the continents, a planetary duel between the civilization of Land and the civilization of the Sea, raised to the highest degree of intensity and to a planetary scale. The entire preceding history led to the tense apogee of this battle, which received precisely in 1991 its qualitative resolution. In this moment, together with the death of the USSR, the collapse of the civilization of Land was realized

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DUGIN’S GUIDELINE–The Truth of our Victory

When we start talking about the Day of Victory and prepare for the celebration of it, we are increasingly confronted that for the Russians it means one thing and to others something else. And the more we hear the views of other societies about who is who and what price won the Second world war, the more our anger grows. After all, the official point of view in the West is increasingly getting the idea that the victory over Hitler’s Reich won over the Americans, and the role of Russia was secondary.In addition, Stalin and communism equated to Hitler and Nazism, and, consequently, what we consider the liberation of the peoples of Europe, represented as the change of one form of totalitarian regime for another. We call it a “falsification of history” and with difficulty understand how such a cynical distortion of the facts at all possible.

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Mapping the US nuclear war plan

A few months back, the National Security Archive made national headlines when they released a 1956 US target list they had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The target list outlined over a thousand Strategic Air Command nuclear targets in the Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea. The Archive had posted a small graphic of the ones in Eastern Europe, but hadn’t digitized the full list. Several weeks ago, the people at the Future of Life Institute did just this, digitizing the complete dataset — no small task, given that these were spread over several hundred, non-OCR-able pages of smudgy, 60-year-old government documents.

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Dugin’s Guideline – Lenin – our inner phenomenon

To understand is not to condemn and not to justify. The figure is not to render a verdict and not to scream with foam at a mouth. Russia in the twentieth century was divided on red and white. The front line ran through living Russian into her Russian soul. Is not true that the Communists were only the fanatics are foreigners, imported in a sealed car from Europe on money of the German General staff. These were our ancestors, the Russian people, who believed in the red utopia and followed her to the end. It was heresy, heterodoxy, it was a bloody atrocity and genocide of the people. But did not someone else, but by ourselves. Lenin is an internal phenomenon. We must first understand it. And then maybe to repent. But maybe not. Until we know everything will be unfair, not truly, not in truth.

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Ukrainian Civil War: Where the Rebels Get Their Weapons, How they Use Them and What Their Most Effective Are | Sic Semper Tyrannis

Especially as the shattering scale of destruction becomes apparent – Poroshenko says that Ukraine lost two-thirds of its military equipment (just one video of dozens) – Westerners who have been misled by the propagandist character of their media outlets are ready to believe that Russia must have been supplying the rebels with weapons and ammunition. While it is likely that some stuff crossed the border, there is another source that few Westerners are aware of.

What most Western commentators do not understand is that the USSR was preparing to fight World War II all over again with huge armies fleshed out with millions of conscripts and reservists. Millions of soldiers need immense quantities of weapons and ammunition and they need them to be ready and waiting for them as they are mobilized Consequently there were arms dumps all over the western USSR. Most of these sites were named as the headquarters of a division which had a skeleton staff in peacetime but would receive a flood of reservists who would find everything they needed to go to war with waiting for them.

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