The magic disillusion of a Nationalist Intellectual | ALEXANDER DUGIN

Quite frankly, the idiotically simplified way of giving people stupid names and throwing primitive and absolutely unproven accusations at people is a vice of the Nationalist movement, and the stupid manner of one’s messed-up thoughts is always enough to paint someone completely black. Sometimes, when I have to face this sick paranoia, I just cannot believe it… Some imaginary “masons”, the “jews” behind every single thing, paranoia, mania of being constantly followed – these are all either ways to overcome one’s own incapability of action, some laziness and incompetence, either a banal psychological model. The reality as it is is much more interesting than some archaic myths of old terrorist organizations.

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Alexander Dugin: Do not be afraid of the awakening of the Russian people

Together we are the demiurges. We are changing the course of history in the direction that we think is necessary, and nothing compares to that taste. Neither wealth nor success, nor power. All this intoxicating stuff, of course. But the taste of the creation story is much stronger.

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National Bolsheviks attack the office of “Gazprom” in St. Petersburg

Today, around 13.45 a group of 10 activists of the party “the Other Russia” came to the office of the company “Gazprom” in St. Petersburg on the promenade des Anglais. NBP locked the doors, burned posted at the entrance of banner Corporation and hoisted the flag of the Soviet Union. They unfurled a banner “Capitalism – shit! 1917-2017”, lit flares, chanted “Our Motherland – the USSR!”, “Down with the results of privatization!” and scattered leaflets demanding the nationalization of all mining companies and rebirth instead of the Ministry of oil and gas industry.Despite attempts by security guards of the office to prevent the action (in particular one of the participants, they tried to poke in the face with a burning fire), nobody was detained.

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